day eight: bullfinch

The building works here have been demanding so much of my attention that I’ve been kept too busy to spend much time in the studio. But a little Bullfinch has sneaked into the painting. There’s a half finished Hawfinch too, but that must wait until tomorrow to be photographed.

6 thoughts on “day eight: bullfinch

  1. Yippee! I’m thrilled to see you have the artlog up and running, Clive. This will be, I’m sure, a fantastic venue for you.

    Bullfinches are exceptionally beautiful. You’ve done great justice to them! I’m looking forward to seeing the hawfinch, not to mention the whole piece when you feel it’s complete.

    • The Hawfinch was completed yesterday Jason, but it was way too dark to get a good shot of it by the time I was done. I’ll try to do so today. Only one bird left unpainted now, but I’ve spotted a space where the addition of another finch… or perhaps a swallow… would better carry the eye around the composition.

      There’s a fine line I find between capturing some sort of likeness of a species without becoming too enslaved to detail. I simplified the Bullfinch quite a few times before I arrived at the conclusion you see in the photograph. Of course the bird is much too big in comparison to the other species surrounding the Saint… as I’m sure you’ll have noticed… but the great thing about being a painter is that I can tinker with nature to suit the needs of the composition. However it’s heartening that you with your great insight and appreciation of birds, approve of what I’m attempting to do here. That means a lot.

    • Zoe, I think the composition is about done as far as birds are concerned. Of course Henrietta is much on my mind as I’d love to paint her gorgeous plumage and attempt to catch her sweet alertness. However I have a mind to incorporate her into another Saint Francis composition. I’m never able to cram all my ideas into one painting and I foresee that Saint F is going to lead me ever deeper into his garden of birds!

    • Well that’s allowed CGP. I have favourite birds myself, and what point is there in being a painter unless I can exercise my bias and include the ones I like best. Hence the heron and the barn owl. Funnily enough the bird I’m most enchanted by at the moment is a female pheasant, Henrietta, who has taken to following me around the garden because she knows I keep a pocket full of birdseed handy for avian encounters while perambulating. She grew up in the woods behind us and through familiarity has become indifferent to the energetic cavorting of my wildlife-friendly terrier Jack. Sometimes they sit companionably next to each other while I weed, each waiting for my attention. Henrietta hasn’t turned up in the Saint Francis painting, although with her habit of comfortable proximity to me she’d be the easiest bird around here to draw. In fact I’m planning another Francis painting in which she’ll play a pivotal role. Just as well that I work in series.

      Thanks for calling by and commenting. You’re one of the first to leave a post here. I only set up the site yesterday.

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