4 thoughts on “day nine: two birds and some leaves

  1. These are gorgeous, Clive! Though the chaffinch is bold, I must admit the hawfinch with its subtle and delicate shading really wins me over. And the leaves falling are perfect dynamic touches.

    • Thank you Jason. I’m glad they find favour with you. I must say that they took a time to paint to my satisfaction out of all proportion to their small sizes within the composition. But I find that when painting something I’ve never tried before, then the trial and error can be prolonged. (It’s a mighty good thing that the failed versions can be rubbed back and re-painted. Repeatedly when necessary!) That’s the thing about the creative arts though isn’t it? Making the difficult appear effortless. That Hawfinch with his dark half-mask markings was hard won, so it’s good to hear that the little bandit has won you over!

    • Glad it hits the spot for you Zoe. I can’t say that painting these smaller birds has been a breeze. There’s been much overworking and simplifying to get them to where they are now. But then it’s often the quieter details of a painting that prove to be the most difficult things to get right. The owl came very easily as did the heron and rook. But this trio of finches truly had me scratching my head and labouring hard. I think it was something to do with wanting them to have significant character, even though they’re relatively small in compositional terms. All done with them now though and time to move on to Saint Francis. I’ll need to be very fresh and confident to get him right. An early night I think!

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