6 thoughts on “saint kevin drawings

  1. These are all such strong drawings, Clive. I think the third one is stunning – such a clever and engaging composition.
    I’m so glad you’re publishing this blog. It’s fascinating to see the progress of a painting.

    • Thank you Philippa. Coming from such a fine painter that’s a compliment to be relished.

      (See Blogroll for a link to Philippa’s website. If you click on the third icon at the top of her homepage, you’ll find an image of a painting titled Lamb. This beautiful work hangs here at Ty Isaf. We count ourselves very lucky to have it.)

  2. I too love that first drawing, but as a drawing. To me, the rough, black-and-white sketch quality is part of the appeal, drawing attention to the forms aan distribution of space, and letting the imagination supply the presumably Mediterranean colors.

    • Yes I’d agree. It was made as part of the process of imagining the hermit’s cell and placing it in a setting that mirrored selected aspects of the garden here at Ty Isaf. (Though I acknowledge the far-from-Welsh Italianate tone.) I make loads of these little exploratory sketches as I think my way into my subjects. Afterwards I did quite a few depicting the saint inside the hermitage, but haven’t yet managed a painting that successfully utilises the ‘letterbox format’ of the sketches. (The format is one I occasionally enjoy using. But it’s not easy to master and I have many duds!)

  3. clive,
    i love the forms in the first one, i think it would be beautiful if it were to make it into a painting…it’s a different structure for you, but could be a lot of fun?
    the third drawing has so much sensitivity, and the contrasts are really striking…it’s a beautiful piece, you should take it to the gallery as well!
    i hope the construction has settled down enough to allow you some painting time, i really can’t wait to see some more of the saint francis painting!

    • It’s a difficult format to pull off well Zoe, but one I enjoy working in. I’d probably have to make significant changes to ensure that particular drawing worked as a painting. Maybe it would be better suited to something strong and monochrome, like a wood or lino block print.

      And yes, all these drawings have been marked down for inclusion in the exhibition.

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