10 thoughts on “the congregation of birds…

    • Thank you Zoe. The last stages of work were like pulling hen’s teeth, mainly because it was so hard finding the time needed to unify the painting and tie up all the loose ends. I can’t quite get the distance on it to be able to judge it properly yet. I’ll be able to get a better idea when it’s been framed.

  1. Clive, it’s fantastical, beautiful, magical…and any number of superlatives you’d like to apply. What a profound gift you have! And Dave got it right: in the spirit of the piece, the saint is but a player by the title and by the work itself. How marvelously appropriate.

    • I’m rather overwhelmed by your response. Thank you Jason. I’m so glad you like this work. Coming from one with such an understanding and appreciation of birds, your enthusiasm means a great deal to me. The next Saint Francis I have it in mind to attempt will include our three pheasants. Time to capture them in paint I think.

    • In the past I’ve only occasionally named the saints in the titles of my paintings. I think very hard indeed about the titles and generally favour the elliptical over the specific. For me a painting has failed if I can’t find the right title for it. By that I don’t mean a good painting depends on my having named it well, but it’s been my experience that if a title proves elusive, then there’s probably something about the painting I don’t quite like. Un-named paintings linger in the studio until I’ve worked out the problem.

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