taking my lead from jack…

…I’ve decided to have a little rest from work.

Rather than risk compromising the last painting I’d had in mind for the exhibition (Tobias and the Angel) I’ve decided instead to take a break from my easel. See a few friends, run some errands, walk the dog and tidy up the studio. I need to wind down before the gallery Private View, otherwise there’s the likelihood that I’ll be too tired to enjoy the moment. This afternoon I printed editions of the two Saint Kevin lino-cuts I prepared a couple of months ago, and when they were done I decided to call a halt to any more work. I’ll be back in the studio soon enough after Touch has opened, and so now is the time to relax.

I found the following photograph to post here . It’s the solitary sunflower that grew in the garden last year and provided the model for those in Touched and Kevin and the Sunflowers.

5 thoughts on “taking my lead from jack…

  1. Dear Clive

    I can’t tell you how glad I am that you have decided not to try and finish ‘Tobias’ in a hurry — he needs better.

    I’ve been out of touch for several days, but am glad to hear that the title of the annunciation is touched — I did say that I thought that some other title than the two you proposed might be right — it is!

    This brings fondest greetings from Alan and me and very best wishes for the pv tomorrow evening. I wish we could have been with you. I look forward to seeing some installation photos (and of the merry crowd!).

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