annunciation news

It’s all Annunciation matters today. First of all here are some rather good details Peter took of  Touched, just before the painting went off to the framers. You can click on the lower one to see a large version.

And another Annunciation painting, The Virgin of the Goldfinches, is to be hung in Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff in time for Easter. I’ll post photographs of it in situ once it’s gone up.

2 thoughts on “annunciation news

  1. I love the new title, Clive. Is it hard to see the paintings go out of the studio?

    And lovely to see one of my favorites again – “Virgin of the Goldfinches.” You must be feeling relieved to have made the deadline in such good shape!

    • Glad the title works for you Beth. It feels right to me. And yes, it is difficult to let go of paintings so soon after their completion, especially when I feel that I’d like to live a little longer with them. Interestingly I find that a recently completed painting can feel almost as though I’ve had nothing to do with it and there’s a consequent need to familiarise myself with the work before it sets off on an independent existence. I’m not quite sure how that works, but it’s certainly a disconcerting sensation.

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