graham’s beautiful café

Many years ago Peter and I purchased a painting by an artist unknown to us. We acquired it from the Portal Gallery in London, and it’s been giving us pleasure now for over ten years. It’s titled Portland Bill, and it’s by Graham Ward.

Regulars to the Artlog may recall that some months ago I became almost incoherent with happiness when Graham Ward left a message on the site, and we’ve been corresponding ever since. Graham has now opened a café in Oscar Road, Broadstairs, and from the photographs he’s sent to me, it looks absolutely wonderful. Any of you within visiting distance of it should get over to Oscar’s Festival Café as soon as you can to patronise it and help this marvellous enterprise along.

The symbol of the Festival of Britain, which was celebrated in the year of my birth!

Graham with friend, Tanner.

It’s been my experience that great artists frequently make great cooks. If I lived in or close to Broadstairs I’d be in Graham’s café for at least one meal a day. At least!!! Or I’d take over in the kitchen for an afternoon a week and make him go to his studio and paint!

Good luck Graham! When we come to call maybe Tanner will be presiding as the café’s resident ‘greeter’! We’ll bring Jack too!

It’ll be dog bliss!

8 thoughts on “graham’s beautiful café

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  2. Good luck, Graham! The cafe looks lovely. Such neat colours! I wish I weren’t so very far away as I would love some of that courgette and feta baclava — oops! I see it’s sold out. No wonder!

  3. That is so cool, Clive. I’m so glad he got in touch and the two of you have found some rapport, especially given you’ve had his painting for so long and have enjoyed it so.

    The cafe looks delightful. Were I nearby it would be a treat to visit (but unfortunately I’m not even in the same hemisphere, so that visit will take a bit of work to make happen).

  4. Please note Clive has given the wrong location. The new beautiful cafe
    is in Broadstairs not MARGATE. And yes, Graham must find more time for

    • Thank you Derek. I’ve corrected that error in the post! Thank goodness you were quick off the mark, or there would have been many unhappy would-be customers wanly pacing the streets of Margate hunting for a non-existent café! And I would have been to blame! Much obliged to you for watching over. Are you in any of the photographs Graham sent me? I haven’t posted them all yet. (There was a complicated process of of re-configuring and titling them in my i-photo store.)

      • PS. Derek, I’m remiss in extending my thanks on another matter. I remember that it was you who brought Graham to the Artlog, and I’m so grateful to you for closing the circle begun all those years ago when we first fell in love with his work. A job well done my friend, and much appreciated.

        • Clive, no thank goodness not in any photo’s. I visited Graham’s soon to open cafe last Saturday with friends. I do hope it works out well for him – it’s in a delightful town. But I, like you feel he should be allowed time to paint more. Maybe this cafe will give him the security he needs. I am now in Palma de Mallorca where I live for much of the time. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, especially being here. The delight of your garden and animals and your total dedication to painting is very inspiring. (Italia Conti must have done something right!) Derek

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