just in case…

… anyone should get the idea that the holiday was all misery because of the damned flu/cold/whatever-the-dratted-thing-is, here are some images to show you that in fact we were feasted in every sense of the word.

We stayed with our friends R and M in the area of Catalunya M was born and brought up in. We joined them and their three children at their house in the hilltop village of Montclar. There’s a road up to it, but there are no roads or pavements once in the village. Cars are parked informally under the trees in the village square. Lush vegetation and cooling stands of trees girdle the houses. Community-owned garden terraces give views over a landscape of emerald scrub and red earth, distant mountains and pastures grazed by cattle. The comforting clonk of cow bells is the ever present soundtrack to life in Montclar, together with the chirruping of crickets and the songs of myriad birds. (After dark we dozed off to the sound of nightingales!) It gradually dawned on me that I wanted to use Montclar as the background to The Woman Taken in Adultery. I’ll post some of my drawings of it shortly. The photographs here are of the village and some of the places we visited not far from it.

A community-owned garden terrace overlooking staggering views.

M’s brother still cultivates the land around what was once the family’s tenant farm, though the buildings are now abandoned.

The food was a feast for the eye and the stomach!

At every turn there are beautiful leafy spots to linger in the shade.

5 thoughts on “just in case…

    • Don’t let anyone from Catalunya hear you calling the region Spain Derek! They’re fiercely proud of their quite separate language and culture. Deep rivers of hostility flow around these matters.

      Yes, it was ravishing. I’ll be posting more images.

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