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Andrea Selch has been here at Ty Isaf on a poetry retreat for the past week, and is due to return home to N. Carolina tomorrow. There’s been horse riding and long countryside walks and a drive to MOMA Wales to see Art for Children and to catch up with Meri Wells, plus a trip to the home and pottery workshop of Pip Koppel. But mainly there has been quiet study and writing at the desk we set up for Andrea in her room here, which was the true purpose of her trip to the Ystwyth Valley. It’s been a productive time I think, and I’m happy to report that she’ll be leaving with some lovely poems in her notebook. Not to be posted here yet I fear… they must be revised and polished and sent on their ways in the wider world before they make an appearance one day on the Artlog… but suffice to say that among them is a beautiful piece that Andrea wrote based on the painting Battle Ground, which you can see behind her.

The book in her hands is an apt one. A volume from that great Welsh poet R.S.Thomas.

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