2011 retrospective and the launch of the book

From the 7th May to the 20th August 2011, the Gregynog Gallery of the National Library of Wales will be the venue of my sixtieth birthday retrospective. The Gregynog is unarguably the most beautiful public gallery space in Wales, and will be dedicated in its entirety to an exhibition that will draw extensively on works from public and private collections across the UK.


To coincide with the opening on the 7th May, there will be the launch of a monograph from the publisher Lund Humphries. The book will contain essays by the following contributors.

Simon Callow:                 Introduction
Damian Walford Davies:   Hicks-Jenkins and Contemporary Poets
Andrew Green:                Landscape: Places Remember Events
Rex Harley:                     The Artist’s Books
Rex Harley:                     What is Still Life?
Kathe Koja:                     The Motions of Desire: Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Maquettes
Anita Mills:                      Leaps of Faith: Of Dancing and Drawing
Montserrat Prat:              The Mari Lwyd: Metamorphosis of a Folk Tradition
Jacqueline Thalmann:      The Temptations of Solitude
Marly Youmans:              Fire in the Labyrinth
The retrospective will contain upward of a hundred paintings, drawings and maquettes, including works from the series The Temptations of SolitudeThe Mari Lwyd and Saints and their Beasts, together with studies and drawings to support them. Sections dedicated to landscape and still-life paintings, including works from the series Prospects of Wales, will be comprehensively supported by previously unseen sketchbooks. In museum cases there will be the ceramics I made in the workshop of Pip Koppel that regularly appear in my still-life paintings. Peppered throughout the space will be the evidence of the collaborations with poets, with works by Dave Bonta, Callum James, Marly Youmans, Catriona Urqhuart, Damian Walford Davies and Andrea Selch, presented on text panels in proximity to the paintings that their poems reference. 

Additionally the smaller gallery space leading directly into the Gregynog will be dedicated to an exhibition of books, prints, drawings and studies relating to my collaborations with Nicolas and Frances McDowall of The Old Stile Press at Llandogo in the Wye Valley. In well over a decade, we have between us produced four books: The Affectionate Shepherd by Richard Barnfield, The Barnfield SonnetsThe Mare’s Tale by Catriona Urquhart and the most recently published, an illustrated edition of Sir Peter Shaffer’s play Equus. I’ve additionally made cover images for two volumes of the Press’s bibliography… the second volume is to be launched in the next few weeks… and Nicolas has produced a number of editions of my images for the Press. This part of the exhibition will also contain cliché verre glass plates from which the images for The Affectionate Shepherd were produced, workbooks and ‘paste-up copies’ for all the books I’ve collaborated on with Nicolas, and the original artwork for the two bibliography covers.
2011 is going to be a busy year!

13 thoughts on “2011 retrospective and the launch of the book

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  3. Oh, there may well be another, Clive! But I can’t wait to hold a copy of that book in my hands. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see the exhibition too.

    • Re. your chapter Fire in the Labyrinth or The Tea Party and Other Miracles. I’ll amend it to just Fire in the Labyrinth. (At least visitors to the Artlog will see that we’re working ‘live’ here!) Glad to hear you’re burnishing. I’ve drawn the short straw tonight of ordering the pre-digital slide archive in preparation for compiling images for the book. There are hundreds of them. It’s a horrid task and I think it’s damaging my eyes! Oh well, if I won’t be able to see to paint any more, at least I’ll know that the ‘slide’ part of the archive is in good order!

      • Poor eyeballs… Hope no damage will happen.

        Since it was 13 months since I wrote the thing, I ended up twiddling with it a lot (like a crab over a dead halibut) but have now sent it back to the man with the beautiful name… Copied to you as well.

        And now I must go to something less enjoyable. We can be miserable together.

        • I’ve just checked my eyes in the bathroom mirror and they’re the colour of pickled beetroot! No wonder. It’s nearly 1 am and I’ve been doing this all night.

          The laptop pinged a few minutes ago. I’ll read it later. Too weary now. Peter will be pleased to have it though. He’s very keen to keep abreast with the editing as the chapters come in.

          • “Montserrat Prat” is a fabulous name. And what an interesting list.

            Hope your peepers are a lovely pure inside-of-a-radish color today.

    • At this stage I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed at all there is still to be done. Tracing down the paintings is quite a task. But yes, hopefully it’s going to be an impressive exhibition. And of course I’m delighted about the book. I doubt there will be another in my lifetime, so we’d better get this one right!

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