11 thoughts on “snowed in… again!

  1. Maybe you ought to leave the water trickling! Hate to think of a repeat of “water like a stone,” as Christina Rossetti wrote. I feel an urge to run up those magic steps and dive behind the hedge. No doubt a portal is there, somewhere close by.

    • The huge holly tree directly above the steps is the one that appears in Flight of Swallows Over the Field of Gold and Green George. It’s like an apartment block with many residents. Collared doves, blackbirds and thrushes throng it. In the Autumn it was thick with berries, but I should think that under the snow there will be few traces of them now. The birds will have had the lot.

      • Very belated spotting of your note–for the naughty reason that I came and stole one of the photographs and splashed it onto my own blog.

        I love the trunk on that holly as well. Grand shape that really identifies it in the paintings.

  2. I keep giggling warmly at the photo of Jack. Delightful!

    I’ve been watching the news reports from across the pond and have seen that you are getting winter in undeniable doses. I do hope the water situation doesn’t repeat. Other than that, however, I hope all of you stay warm and enjoy these splendid offerings of seasonal weather.

    • Jack loves this powdery snow, seemingly enchanted by the familiar world changed to one expressly designed for his pleasure. He plays in it for hours, bounding about and burrowing after his various frisbees buried by the overnight falls, yet returns to the house as dry as when he left. Of course it won’t stay like this for too long. At some point the pristine will turn to sludge.

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