re-imaging the mari lwyd 5

Red Flow

2001 – Conté on Arches Paper – 122 x 153 cms

Photograph by Martin Wakelin

In the folk tradition of the Mari Lwyd, the horse skull atop a pole draped with a sheet to hide the man beneath is led by a halter made of ribbons, a too flimsy control over the prancing beast. For my re-inventions of the Mari in the Mare’s Tale drawings, scarlet ribbon-reins stream like arterial blood around the beast. Too elusive to be grasped and controlled, they leap and snap and flutter and in The Second Fall, snake about the dying man as he free-falls beneath the Mari’s hooves.

5 thoughts on “re-imaging the mari lwyd 5

    • Hi Zoe and Dave. I’m pleased that you both ‘get’ the ribbon. These drawings were hell to do. I was down on my hands and knees for six months making them and everything hurt all of the time. But the ribbon was a pleasure to draw because of the lovely loops and arabesques, and it was good too to be working in a colour other than black and white! I ran around outside in a high wind with a length of slender red ribbon in my hand to get the feel of how it moved for the drawing. Had the neighbours seen this display they would have thought that I’d finally cracked!

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