last minute addition completed

Today I finished the toy theatre for the exhibition. This task has been hanging around for weeks frustrating me, as every time I’ve tried to get to it something else has taken priority. Still, all done now. (There will be some puppets too, though I shall have to make them pretty quickly as this has to be delivered to the gallery and cased on Thursday.) There’s a blank-windowed house (Ty Isaf of course) and falling leaves and a pair of doves, not to mention the full moon and leafy archway. All my favourite Neo-romantic iconography. Now I just need a beast, and I think that shall be HervĂ©’s wolf.

10 thoughts on “last minute addition completed

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    • You’ve got it right there my friend. The tension is certainly cranking up. The list of things to be done is not quite as lengthy as it once was, but nevertheless I’m almost at the point where I’ll have to ruthlessly cut such ambitions that have overshot what may be possible in the time left to us. Only on the little stage is all calm and ready. Elsewhere it’s as though an invading army is about to arrive, and the shutters not yet bolted and the flock not yet in. Oh my!

  2. Is that Ty Isaf we see through the arched trellis? Might there be puppets of the two gentlemen who live there and their faithful companion, Jacket? And what about the equine residents of this estate? And the colorful fowl? Get with it, man! We want to see MORE!
    ; )

    • Ha! Well I hadn’t planned an appearance by Peter and me, but come to think about it, a couple of puppets on a puppet stage would be about the closest I’d ever come to anything approaching a portrait of us. Maybe one day, though probably not right now. But that’s a nifty idea Anita, shelved for later use!

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