12 thoughts on “the wolf at the door

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  2. Looks intriguing – something of the self assured but a slight incline/nervous aside into ‘Mmm – give this a miss this time around methinks?’ Sly old things though, who knows what they are really thinking? What’s the narrative here?

    • An ambiguous narrative Julia. This toy is, after all, a studio aid, and can be arranged and re-arranged to be many things. The house is Ty Isaf, but rendered in a formal, somewhat Angela Carter-esque manner, with wrought-iron gates and an avenue of cypress trees. The wolf is the one that haunts me, the ravening beast that killed and ate Hervé’s dog but thereafter changed, meekly following the saint around and becoming his lifetime companion. It suppressed its true nature as an act of contrition and love.

    • Oh Zoe Zoe Zoe. You are a great support to me, never failing to leave encouraging comments on the Artlog. Your boundless enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. You really should be here for the show, but in your absence we’ll certainly toast your good health and look forward to the day when you and G come smiling up the drive at Ty Isaf to stay with us.

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