the artist almost undone

Not a Hervé post today, but for the many of you who were unable to attend the Retrospective opening and yet wanted to know what happened there, a video instead. This was made by the National Library of Wales, and in it I can be seen doing my utmost to be coherent while feeling a tad more emotional than I’d anticipated.

Just click: HERE

13 thoughts on “the artist almost undone

  1. Well now. How wonderful is this world of electronics that you can ‘be there’ without having ‘been there!’ I’m so glad that you were able to be ’embraced’ so openly and ‘mega’ proud of your response. I cried ‘happy tears’ watching you with ‘my Jack’ peering over my shoulder. Please thank, (knowing you I’m sure you already have!) the person who filmed you so that those of us who could not be with you might have a feeling that we were.
    Love as always
    B xxx xxx xxx

    • Spot on! I am indeed indebted to the man from the National Library who videotaped the opening, because although I think the event could not have comfortably supported more people than were present, there were a great many friends who for various could not be there, yourselves included.

      My darling Bern, you know so well that I’ve always been uncomfortable watching myself, but even I’m glad this was recorded, because whatever pleasures or pains the future may hold for me, it’s a reminder of a day I will forever be grateful for.

      • PS
        For those of you who are perplexed, Bern is referring to her partner Jack standing at her shoulder as she watched the recording, just as my dog Jack looks over my shoulder throughout the video!

        Bern makes an appearance in one of the Mari Lwyd drawings of 2001. You can see and read about her HERE.

  2. Clive, if you hadn’t been emotional on such an occasion, I don’t think you’d be believable as the man behind these paintings. I had tears in my own eyes, watching you, knowing it was all so much more real and from-the-heart than prepared remarks ever could have been. That truthfulness is a gift to all of us, and to yourself too.

  3. I so enjoyed being able to watch this video. What an experience it must have been to have friends from far and wide gathered in one place, and for such an event.

    • It was uncomfortable having to mount the podium in front of everyone when I was feeling so wobbly. I’d intended to prepare something, but in the event didn’t manage to do so due to a combination of the house being full of visitors and there being so many calls upon my time in the lead-up to the opening. I gripped the lectern and trusted to performer’s instinct, and thank goodness it didn’t let me down! But it was touch and go throughout. I kept doing the breathing thing, that technique used to master stage-fright but that is equally useful when trying not to sneeze, be sick or pass out. (Fill in whichever suits!)

      I’m touched that you enjoyed it!

      • Clive, thank you! Even from this distance, I can feel the emotion that animated your talk and which must have deeply moved everyone in the audience. Bravo for allowing your heart to speak, unencumbered by prepared notes and unprotected by the armour of ego which so often puts a barrier between a successful artist and the public. Congratulations to you and to all who made this exhibition possible.

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