5 thoughts on “from start to finish. part four: the leafy man

  1. Quite amazing synchronicity, indeed.

    What I especially like here, in addition to the composition, is the use of positive/negative space in both a macro (body and space) and detailed sense (the vine in shadow and in light.) I don’t know how much that was intentional, Clive, but it works beautifully and seems particularly masterful to me (and effortless — doesn’t draw attention to itself, it just works.) I love the vine.

    • Mmmmm. Well I’m very pleased it looks effortless Beth, because it’s been a slow haul with much by way of adjustment. Quite effortful. I knew what I wanted, but wasn’t at all sure how to get it. To begin with I was going to make a much more traditional tattoo pattern, but realised while in the process of researching that the image isn’t about tattoos per se, and what was needed was a visually arresting effect. I hope I’m getting there. It’s not been quick, all this balancing of form, tone, texture, pattern and light/shadow oppositions. (Black silhouettes on a light ground dissolving into white silhouettes against a dark one. Lots of tinkering to get those leaves and branches swooping around through seamless transitions.) Thanks for the thumbs up. If it doesn’t look effortless then it’s not working, but as you know yourself, effortless is a tough call.

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