kevin and the blackbird’s nest: a new drawing begins

First sketches are often lively though rough. In this one the emphasis is on incomplete ellipses, the largest being the one  formed by the reclining saint’s thigh, knee and shin. The series of curves shaping his outline will be what I strive most to retain as the drawing progresses. I want the image to be schematic and pared down, making a simple frame for the silvery tonal values I plan for the tattooed chest, shoulders and arms. The finished drawing must capture a stillness and monumentality of form so that there is a contrast between the physicality of the man and the tenderness of the nest cupped in his palm.

I’ve already roughly re-drawn the sketch onto a sheet of acrylic-primed Arches paper measuring 56 x 76 cm, and tomorrow I’ll start working it up with Conté pencil. There will be adjustments of course… there always are… but I must try to hold on to what I think works in the original sketch. Watch this space.

6 thoughts on “kevin and the blackbird’s nest: a new drawing begins

  1. What a wonderful drawing this will become.

    The shape looked familiar and then I realized how similar it was to the Aztec Chacmool figure that inspired Henry Moore. Though I think he made less effective use of it.

    This is becoming an inspirational series.

    And congratulations on the new design of the Artlog. I think I’ll have to subscribe at long last, though never troubled by ads.

    J x

    • After I’d done it I realised that the pose was familiar and within a few moments realised where I’d seen it before. There’s a different arrangement of legs underneath the right hand side of the drawing. If you look closely you can see I’ve taped a sheet of paper at the waist, and the original sketch in which the legs are splayed in a rather louche manner is just visible at the top edge. That felt all wrong… kind of sexy and rakish, but not right for this figure or subject, and so the legs were swiftly re-drawn and everything felt right, if slightly familiar. Well-spotted Jeremy, he is indeed a ringer for Chacmool, with the exception that Kevin’s head is in profile while the Aztec god is always portrayed with his head sharply turned to the front.

      Glad you like the drawing. We’ll see how well I can carry this one forward to completion.

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