occasionally the review…

…. is as poetic as the book it’s reviewing! The following one is by Peter Stephens at his blog Slow Reads. I like it because  he doesn’t waste words. The review would encourage me go and purchase the book (except of course I already have it) and so I hope it’s worked for others.

‘The poetry is in the paint.  These poets say just what they see.  The Book of Ystwyth is a blaze and tumble of illuminated script.  Stained and broken glass caged and turned against a Welsh moon.

Or scripted illumination, since the illumination inspires the script.

The paintings? Imagine El Greco freed from narrative. The poetry? A kaleidoscope of frequentatives.  Imagine six docents narrating those El Greco paintings.

A vicar would share the gospel with stained glass.  Rembrandt, too: the husks and meanwhiles of his prodigal still float like embers within a yellow night.  Braque composed Q, the missing gospel, his Le Jour still unread beside the assignation of the fruit and silent knife. These are the dark arts we lost for universal literacy.

The Book of Ystwyth is a beautiful sign of restoration.’

The Book of Ystwyth is available from HERE in the UK, and from HERE in the USA.

4 thoughts on “occasionally the review…

  1. Wow, that is incredible.
    Quite right, so beautifully expressed, you and the poets ought to be pleased.
    Well deserved,

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