held: from start to finish


2011 – Acrylic and Conté pencil on Arches paper – 56 x 76 cm

The sketch from which the drawing started.

All the works from this ‘Saints’ series shown over the past few months on the Artlog, will be offered at my next Martin Tinney Gallery exhibition.

15 thoughts on “held: from start to finish

  1. A lovely drawing.While the previous foliate tattoo drawings reminded me, as I think someone else said, of the Green Man, there’s something a little disquieting about these tattoos. Am I wrong to be reminded of Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man”?

  2. Maybe I was in the dark too long with Miss Hurricaine Irene and am slightly addled, but what popped into my mind was the Discobolus (sp?) of Myron. (The only other Myron I have ever known was a businessman at Dupont Chemical Corporation who ran away with his secretary.)

    There’s the nest for the discus, there’s the huge still force, there’s the face that is calm despite the big demand the posture is making on the body, the (semi-) nudity, there’s the difficult pose, there’s the developed and muscular form–and I bet the discus tosser is about to get a laurel wreath, so there’s the leaves!

    • Marly, no doubt about it, you are an artist. You have the mind of an artist and the eye of an artist, and there are many ‘artists’ around who would kill to have your acuity and skill at making connections. All this and you write like a dream. You are a star!

      • Hi Clive–we are crisscrossing time again. I’m going to bed at 2:34 (bad, I know), and here you are getting up and paying compliments already! Thanks.

        And hugs! I wish we could go for a morning ramble over the hills… Shall have to dream one instead.

  3. Félicitations, Clive. This is a very beautiful drawing and I feel privileged to have watched it emerge. Somehow I feel closer to it than to the previous Kevins, I’m touched by this combination of power and sullen rather than saintly endurance when he could so easily jump up and out of the frame, sending the eggs to the floor. I think this Kevin has something in common with your Green Men, too.

    • He’s sprung from left-of-field and has been a surprising development. I like your description of ‘sullen endurance’. That’s an interesting notion to play with. I take your point too about Green Men. I don’t suppose you can get much more ‘green’ than having your skin rendered foliate!

  4. Most impressive!
    The ads were back just now but i don’t think i have resubscribed on this machine. Have just done so and will let you know if anything untoward happens.

  5. i love it! everything is perfect, down to the texture of the pants. and i really love how different he is from the other tattooed saint 🙂

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