miszek makes a hat for clive

It takes imagination, skill, muscle power, sweat and wool to make the hat…

… and a mysterious drawing.

When it’s half done, Miszek teases Clive by sending a photo in which the hat can’t be properly seen.

Later, the finished hat travels from Gdansk in Poland to the Ystwyth Valley in Wales…

… snug in a neatly packed box.

The hat has been sleeping, but wakes up when the box is opened.

Jack investigates the hat. The hat smells interesting. It smells of Miszek…

and of Fisieńka Ćmieleska!

Here is the hat. It’s the best hat in the world!

It springs a wonderful surprise, having not one…

… but two faces!

Miszek writes to Clive:

‘So here it is – your protection from the cold and what’s more important – protection from all the evil lurking in the woods. From now on you are perfectly safe.’

He’s right. I do feel safe with this Janus hat that keeps an eye on where I’ve been as well as where I’m going.

It takes imagination, skill, muscle power, sweat  and wool to make the hat. But most of all it takes a big heart, and Miszek has the biggest. Thank you Miszek for the-hat-that-keeps-me-warm-and-safe. This hat makes me very, very happy.

17 thoughts on “miszek makes a hat for clive

  1. Oh my goodness. It’s simply the most fabulous, fantastic, and make-you-feel-happy creation for wearing I’ve seen for many a long time.

    You might now be safe in the woods, Clive – but how will the local fauna feel?!

  2. As a feltmaker myself I know how much time and physical effort goes into making something like this. It is a joy of a hat which I suspect you’ll wear with great style!

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