Three full days of painting left on ‘Tobias and the Angel’ before the carrier arrives to collect all the work for the exhibition. The framed work will go directly to the Martin Tinney Gallery, while this will be taken to my friend Richard’s workshop in Cardiff to be put into a pre-ordered frame. I really hate working under this kind of pressure… Artlog visitors may remember my account of working all night to finish Christ Writes in the Dust in time for the ‘unveiling’ ceremony in Birmingham the following day… but here I am yet again with the possibility of an all-night painting session looming. Or two. Sigh!

8 thoughts on “countdown

  1. Yet this edge of panic does seem to “work for you,” as “they” say.

    It is lovely. Bit sad to think that you have a major new painting that I haven’t seen. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the 80th birthday retrospective?

    • The last minute thing makes Peter very nervous. I should try to avoid it.

      Don’t be sad about not having seen the painting. You hadn’t seen any of my paintings apart from the cover of Val/Orson until you arrived in Aberystwyth, and yet you’d written so eloquently and insightfully about many of them. E-images are no substitute for how paint looks when it’s in front of you, but you caught the nuances of my work despite the absence of direct contact, and now I think the experience of having seen so much Clivean paint at the retrospective will help fill in what is subtly absent in photographs.

      I dearly hope that I will not have to wait until I’m eighty before I see you again. If I thought it was going to be that long then I would be very sad indeed. We must come to Cooperstown when your life is not quite so filled with many things. I would love to explore it, to see you in your home to and meet your family.

    • Nick, I think it’s probably going to be OK, though frequently I get so involved in whichever bit I’m concentrating on that I lose sight of the whole. I hope that it will all come together at the last hurdle. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your lovely comments. The enthusiasms of those who drop by here bolster me when my confidence and energies falter.

  2. Clive it has been such a privilege being there with you during the creation and painting of this piece and despite the time you have to spend on it you still find time to talk to us.
    It is an amazing painting.
    Thank you for allowing us into your home and your studio, and inspiring us as well.
    I am so envious of those who will be able to see it in the flesh when it is finished!

    • You’re too kind Jacqui. Thank you.

      Painting can be a lonely endeavour so I enjoy sharing the process here. Talking things through with those who regularly visit the Artlog and comment makes the business of my daily work feel less isolated. Blogging has become a discipline for me. On the days when energy levels flag or I seem to be making no progress, rather than walk away from the problems I battle on because I’m conscious of those who anticipate and watch for an update, and I try not to disappoint them.

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