e-mail from damian to clive

Dear Master,

What a lovely email. You’re a writer as well as a painter, Mr H-J.

The painting is astonishing. It really is. Tobias’s shoe against the conifer forest is stunning, as is the collection of built objects around the basilica, and the beautiful shadow of the graveyard wall. I’m so grateful to you for inviting me to respond to the work; it’s been so exciting clocking in to see the latest, and then going back further on the blog to see the several stages. Can’t wait to see it whole, later today.

Please do put the poem up — it doesn’t exist separately from the painting in my mind. It’s meant to be a very dark poem, really: a hint of sacrificial victimhood in some way delivered from horror by confronting it from an aerial view. I got that immediately from the painting in its early stages.

Let’s work together again. And congratulations, mister.


2 thoughts on “e-mail from damian to clive

  1. Can’t wait to see the poem (and the finished painting, needless to say). I almost asked about it yesterday, but didn’t want to put Damian on the spot in case he’d gotten blocked. I gather I needn’t have worried!

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