wolf sgraffito

Yesterday I roughly blocked in the new painting. I chose a very limited palette to keep the whole thing coherent: Pthalo Blue (Green Shade), Transparent Red Oxide, Transparent Yellow Oxide, Nickel Azo, Light Ultramarine, Mars Black and Titanium White. Red Oxide for the undercoat. Today I worked up the wolf’s head. Not quite finished that yet, but here are images of what’s been done so far. I’ve used areas of sgraffito to suggest its bristly coat.




I’ll have to keep my head down to complete this tomorrow, but I think it’s going to be possible. Everything seems to be progressing well so far.

2 thoughts on “wolf sgraffito

  1. i *love* the way you pattern fur….very ancient-seeming, somehow. the wolf seems very primal, with those eyes and those patterns–more of the meaning “wolf” than a simple image.
    amazing work, and under such pressure!

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