the box of delights

I commissioned Artlog visitor Chloe Redfern to make a set of her festive hangings as a Christmas present for some very close friends of twenty-five years standing, and the results are simply lovely. I’m hoping the intended recipients won’t be checking the Artlog too often or they’ll see the gift intended for them, but I can’t resist showing what a beautiful job Chloe has done.

Artlog visitors  may recall what a big kid I am when it comes to traditional Christmas tree decorations (see HERE and HERE) and I’ve long looked at Chloe’s Etsy shop and yearned after some of the beautiful things I’ve seen there. However there is nothing quite like splashing out on gifts that you hope will delight the people you’re acquiring them for. I know these will give a great deal of pleasure when they’re unwrapped from their red tissue paper, and luckily we shall be present to witness the delight! Perfect!

Chloe is one of a small handful of regulars to the Artlog who took up my challenge of making maquettes, and the horses she produced will appear in the online exhibition I plan to post here next year. There will also be maquettes by artists Natalie d’Arbeloff,  Zoe Blue, Paul Bommer and  Philippa Robbins… some of who have already completed their offerings… plus anyone else who would like to join in. (Natalie is ahead of the game, already producing delightful animated films with her maquettes! Read about them at Blaugustine by clicking on the link in the blog list at the top right of this page.)

Thank you Chloe. You’re a star!

(I LOVE those horses!)

17 thoughts on “the box of delights

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  3. Clive, many thanks for mentioning my still very rough animation. I hope to get more adventurous in future and seeing your maquettes was certainly an inspiration. And thanks again for your helpful emailed comments about the first “Naugustine” puppet.

    Delightful work from Chloe – somebody’s going to have a fabulous Christmas tree!

  4. Thank you so much for posting about these Clive and for your kind words, I’m very glad that you’re pleased with them!

    Thank you Zoe and Sarah for your lovely comments, and many thanks for sharing them too Sarah, that is very kind 🙂

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