a gold ‘addy’ for the throne of psyche

Over at Marly Youman’s The Palace at 2:00 a.m., notice has gone up that her Throne of Psyche (Mercer University Press, 2011) has won the Gold Addy Award for its design team of Mary-Francis Burt and Jim Burt in the Georgia Addies. Congratulations to Mercer University Press, to Jim and Mary-Francis and to Marly too. The producing of any book can be a long and fraught business, but when the results are as good as they have turned out with this one, its a testament to the vision and tenacity of all those concerned in the process. I’m proud that my painting Touched was chosen as the source material for the cover, and I’m sure that my friend Mathijs in the Netherlands, who owns the original, will be thrilled too.

17 thoughts on “a gold ‘addy’ for the throne of psyche

  1. Wow, I am thrilled indeed. It is nice when a painting is used for a cover that wins an award. But most of all I want to congratulate you, Clive, with the painting itself. And the team who used your painting for creating a cover. I wanted to open a bottle of bubbles tonight for my friend got a nest of 9 puppies, but now I can add another festive fact to my toast. I don’t know if toast is a regular English word, but here it’s a call to a gathering of people to raise their glasses and drink together in honor of a person or thing. Anyway, Clive, Mary-Francis and Jim…here’s to you. Proost!

    • Ah ha! I wish I could be there to see the puppies and raise a glass with you. (I love to cuddle puppies!) Instead we are celebrating the last night of a week-long gathering of friends to celebrate Peter’s birthday. He was fifty on February 13th, but his work commitments meant that we had to wait until the last week of the month for the ‘special’ occasion!

      Thank you for your good wishes Mathijs. I’m so pleased that Touched is in such good hands.

  2. Well done Marly! Well done Clive! (or ‘Chapeau! as they say here in France) How nice it is to get good news! We readers of books have no idea how much is involved in publishing. I imagine the collaboration must be much like the experience of theatre and directing, in which occasionally a project can turn out unexpectedly… and not always in a good way. However in this case it looks to be a lovely outcome, with a lovely book Marly. I am going to look it up right away. I should be doing my paperwork but this is far more interesting!

    • Hello Liz! Yes, it is lovely news, and much deserved by the team and by Marly. Of course as in the theatre, with book design there are the ones that get away. (You and I have both experienced the agonies of stage productions that have not gone as we had hoped. Such things happen.) I’ve occasionally regretted allowing images of my paintings to be used for book covers that have turned out poorly, such as when the reproduction has been shoddy, the cropping ill-advised or the font design catastrophic. (Sometimes all three together!) But with The Throne of Psyche the designers executed the conjuring trick with panache. The resulting book is lovely, and a fitting setting for poems of fabulous craftsmanship and power.

    • Liz (and all well-wishers), thank you! And for looking it up as well. I’m just glad Mercer let us suggest an image–so often one is cut out of the whole process. A good design team like Burt and Burt plus one of Clive’s pictures means a beautiful book.

      I should also be doing my paperwork–by which I mean that I should be scouring the house for anything I can use for taxes, as I have been disorganized this year. I do recall making a resolution not to be. 😦

      However, it is a Snow Day, and that means child no. 3 is home, and that in turn means: mandatory frolic!

      • Enjoy the snow interlude/frolic Marly. Tonight Mathijs in the Netherlands is celebrating the Addy Gold with champagne, raising his glass to the team and to the painting that hangs on his sitting-room wall!

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