zekiel the marmoset

Damian Walford Davies’ book Witch is due out from Seren this Summer. My provisional artwork for the cover was completed months ago, but I’ve only recently finished cutting the relief block for the final version. Today I made a first, extremely rough proof of the lino-block. It’s pretty messy. The black must be denser, I’ll use a paper mask to reduce the unwanted print marks around the figure and I’ll adjust, though not completely perfect, the alignment between the red and black. (I like the grittiness that comes from misalignment within the bounds of tolerance. It mirrors the picturesque deficiencies of early printing techniques.)  Nearly there now, thank goodness!

15 thoughts on “zekiel the marmoset

  1. I vote for the messy. It’s more “alive” with the extraneous block marks! Makes it seem that the figure is in motion.

  2. Late in the evening but I agree with everyone else too. I like the shiveriness that the marks make and around the lamp they look like the shimmer one sees sometimes behind a candle.

    Speaking of witches I have spent today at the new Warner Bros Harry Potter behind the scenes tour. It was a really good day (we spent 5 hours!!) The details on teh sets are amazing, even things that were never going to be in shot like a common room notice board and the backs of things. Loads of costumes to satisfy me and lots of handles to turn and buttons to press to make ‘magical ‘ things happen. And there was butter beer! Amazingly moorish yummy stuff. I took about 200 photos. The children were mesmerised the whole time which was lovely to see. The last place was the wand shop which had floor to ceiling wand boxes all hand named with the name of everyone who has ever worked on a Harry Potter film over the last ten years, it made a fitting credit for them. On the top of one bookcase in Gryffinder common room was a witch (I’ll send you her photo I’m sure she is related to one of yours!)

    • ‘Shiveriness’! Yes, I like that. Good description. Thank you.

      The photos came through. It sounds as though you had a great time. Five hours? Oh my!

      Yes, I see that’s a Pelham Witch in the Gryffinder common room, and so a twin sister to my own. They get around, those Pelhams.

    • I agree with the ‘messy state’ comment, Julia. I’ve just pulled a perfect print which is as dead as a dodo. I’ll clean the plate, roller and block and start afresh tomorrow. Too tired to start over with another right now. Wish that I hadn’t been so cavalier with the first pull, as had I bothered to make the black denser instead of assuming it was just a trial-run to be checked and thrown away, the print would have been perfect. Ho hum. Lesson learned.

      Zekiel ia pet, but he’s a wild animal and so can’t be relied upon to behave as might be wished. I guess that means he can’t be entirely trusted. Mmmmmm!

  3. me, too- it gives a sense of motion, which together with his expression makes him seem ‘caught in the act’. i love his expression! and that curl of his tail at the top–fabulous 😀

    and i think the alignment is just right, though i am curious to see what a denser black will do.
    fantastic cover!!

  4. It looks excellent even in its ‘rough’ state 🙂 And though I know they may not be desirable, I must confess that I quite like the print marks around the edges!

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