jeffrey the devon rex


My cousin Pamela in New Zealand has a Devon Rex called Jeffrey, known to me only in photographs, but in those a bewitching creature that I referenced for this design of a shadow-puppet cat. Yesterday’s brief sketch has here been worked up more thoroughly into a mixed-media drawing (calligraphy ink, Conté, frottage and collage) in which I’ve tried to capture the sense of the animal’s elegance: his stretch and flow and those tiny dancer’s feet!

Jeffrey and Steve

22 thoughts on “jeffrey the devon rex

  1. How I love coming back to all these comments years later about our beautiful Jeffrey. He is everything you all speak of and more. Most of all he makes us laugh every day with his mad antics and insistence of absolute attention and undivided love!

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    • Pamela, your Jeffrey is the most wonderful creature. In the films you’ve sent I absolutely love that incredible focus he has on everything that passes in front of him. It’s as though the experience of life is minted afresh for every moment of his day. Watching him is a joyful experience. No wonder the Ancient Egyptians had an honoured place in their pantheon for the cat!

  3. ack! i love those kohl-lined eyes, the pattern on his left hip, the hooked tail, and yes! the tiny, tiny paws 🙂
    what a lovely photo, as well–fantastic angle, perfect cat-character 😀

    • Jeffrey’s paws are amazing. His toes appear to be far more dextrous than I’ve seen in other breeds, and as a result they really do give the illusion of fingers. In reality his paws are quite large, a fact you notice when he’s concentrating on using them in a hand-like way. However because his back legs are so much longer than his front ones, the illusion given when he’s running around playing/hunting/teasing, is of a ballerina, all elegantly high extensions and pointy-toed speed.

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