the foliate head

With my cover-image work complete on Damian Walford Davies’s forthcoming book from Seren, Witch, I’ve turned again to Marly Youman’s The Foliate Head. The imagery for the cover was completed months ago, but today I finished the set of black and white images for the decorations inside. (Foliate Heads and Green Men have long held a place in my heart, and this project has been a wonderful opportunity to examine anew a past enthusiasm.) In a fortnight Andrew Wakelin will be coming to stay here for a weekend so that we can work together on the design and layout of the book. Marly has been very patient,  but hopefully will have her book ready for the publisher before very long.

15 thoughts on “the foliate head

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  2. these are wonderful! i love the shading of the first one–the effect of the eyes is fantastic… and my favorite ‘disgorging’ is the penultimate image–very wild and electric-seeming. what a book it will be! congratulations to you both!

    • I think my own favourite is the fourth down, I like the inscrutable expression and the sense of a small, pinched, white face peering out from a shrubbery.

      I sort of get into a zone when drawing these. Could keep going all day!

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