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Lucy Kempton and Shellie Byatt are to curate the next open exhibition at the Artlog. I shall leave them to explain all. I do hope that some of you may be encouraged to join in the fun.  This is the first  occasion that guest-bloggers have been invited to the Artlog, and I’m confident that the project is in safe hands.

I promised to make a logo  for Alphabet Soup. Of the several  shown here, whichever is preferred will appear at the top of all posts relating to this exhibition, so you’ll always know when Lucy and Shellie are in charge for the day. Without more ado, over to them.



Call for Submissions

Following Clive’s alphabet primer, and the success of the maquette exhibition, and suggested first by Shellie, we would like to propose another on-line exhibition on the theme of alphabets, which we are calling Alphabet Soup.  Beyond that description, we specify no other subject theme, so that people can develop their own; we only stipulate that submissions should be executed in black and white ( and tones between…) but with the possibility of using one accent colour per contribution – so for example, if ‘E is for Eve‘. she might be pictured in black and white but holding a red apple.  With so many wonderful colourists among you, we know this will be quite exacting!  However, for that reason it will, we are sure, provide an interesting challenge, and help the final exhibition to hang together more consistently overall. All submissions must include the lettering, so there are opportunities here for creativity on multiple levels. Clive cut all the letters for his Alphabet Primer from paper, and some of you may feel encouraged to try that technique yourselves.

There is no obligation to complete a whole alphabet, though feel free to do so if you wish, but we would suggest a minimum of perhaps five submissions per artist, and if we’re short on contributions for certain letters we might urge people to come up with more.  Equally, we reserve the right to be selective, and won’t necessarily be able to feature everything submitted, but will happily include links and pointers to sites and pages where further work can be seen.
To allow for busy people with many commitments and projects afoot, we are setting the closing date for the end of November, and would plan to show to exhibition at the Artlog in the middle of December.  As usual please leave all comments in the boxes at the foot of each post, but e-mail enquiries and submissions should be sent direct to Lucy at : lucy-dot-kmptn-at- gmail-dot-com
So, start coming up with ingredients for Alphabet Soup for Christmas!
Lucy Kempton and Shellie Byatt

24 thoughts on “alphabet soup

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    • Yes please Beth, and everyone else….there’s lots of time to play with ideas, try things out and get some fabulous work going! I think it will be a wonderful ‘shared’ Christmas present for us all!

  12. Happy birthday, Clive!

    Oh, this exhibition sounds irresistible! I must find some way to squeeze pen and ink drawing in between sanding floors and repairing stonework this summer!

  13. Oh no- I forgot your birthday! I am so busy with art fairs and expos, I didn’t know we were half way through the year! have a wonderful day Clive, you have caught up with me again, (no I wont reveal our age!!) now that’s a good excuse for us to open a vintage bottle of wine and drink to your health! wish we were there again xxxxx Liz and Graham

  14. Hey, didn’t know it was your birthday too, happy birthday!

    Thanks everyone so far for the enthusiastic responses, looking forward to what comes.

  15. A very happy birthday (Oh, it has been once around the sun since the retrospective and then birthday! How time streams away…) to you Clive, with toys and alphabets and kneading-dogs!

  16. Oh, happy birthday Clive! Hope it’s a joyous and bright one, regardless of the sodden weather. Include me in the alphabetical soup, Lucy and Shellie, I’ll be paddling in it happily.

  17. Great to have all your positive thoughts, right on the first day!

    Dictionaries at the ready, everyone…

    And Happy Birthday, dear Clive….hope you have lots of birthday cake (Jack will, I’m sure, offer to hoover up any crumbs!)

  18. Goodness, it’s Clive’s birthday? well happy birthday to you Clive!

    Will be eager to participate in Alphabet Soup, should be a great deal of fun.

  19. Yay! The maquettes exhibition was fantastic, I’m chuffed to bits you’re putting this together Lucy and Shellie. Thanks for the generous deadline, no excuses now!

  20. What an interesting challenge. I look forward to seeing the results. And it must be said… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLIVE!!!!

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