barnfield redux

My friend Mathijs in the Netherlands wrote to me asking if I’d allow him to print one of the images made for the Old Stile Press 2001 edition of the Barnfield Sonnets, onto a t-shirt he planned to wear for a badminton tournament in Nijmegen. I e-mailed a handful of the Barnfield drawings for him to select from, and he made his choice. This evening he sent photographs of the result. I think he looks very handsome emblazoned with one of Barnfield’s beauties!

Sweaty, but cool!

12 thoughts on “barnfield redux

  1. You may not have won Mathijs, but you look best on court – great T-shirt, better than some of our designer olympic outfits i’ve seen, Clive’s drawing looks cool and sexy on your chest 🙂

  2. winning, losing. That is trivial when you are allowed to wear such a nice shirt. (I lost…fourth) I’ll take another shot at metal in september or october. I don’t want to sound cocky…but I’ve had my share of metal and competing is more important to me than winning nowadays. Damn I wanted that bronze. 🙂

    • Winning or losing is just end of the game. What’s important is the sportsmanship and skill that goes into it. Besides, there’s too much talk in these pre-2012 olympic days of ‘elite athletes’. I hear sportsmen and women referring to themselves as ‘elite’, which sounds too damned self-regarding for comfort to me. Can you imagine another field of endeavour where describing yourself as ‘elite’ would be acceptable? If I heard a good mechanic describe himself as elite, or an artist, I’d think them indescribably big-headed!

      You may not have won Mathijs, but you looked hot in that t-shirt!

  3. Did he win the competition? I made some eraserhead t shirts once. Ill see if i can find one. Screen printed with bleach mixed with wallpaper paste i seem to remember. Seldom wore any to play Badminton as Essex ruled white kit only. Martin

  4. Well that’s mighty dandy. So when does the Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Athletic Emporium open? You could give Abercrombie & Fitch a run for their money. Heading off to the gym shortly, i promise you, the West Hollywood gym-bunnies would be quite envious if I were sporting such a handsome fellow on my chest.

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