a gentle reminder…

… that there is to be a second open exhibition at the Artlog later this year. It’s called Alphabet Soup and you can read all about it HERE.

These delightful illustrations are from the vintage Mon Petit Dictionnaire Géant, and I’ve posted them today by way of getting everyone into the spirit of things.

Lucy and Shellie are curating/organising it, so we are all in safe hands. I too am going to be submitting for this exhibition, having cultivated a taste for things alphabetical while making my Alphabet Primer for the Open Books exhibition currently showing at the National Library of Wales. In the meantime, and thanks to Anita Mills, who has been busy upping my collection of ‘alphabet books’ recently, there’s much inspiration buzzing around my head. I’ll occasionally post some reminders here of the exhibition, and some inspiration too. So pop along to read the specifications for the exhibition by clicking on the link at the top of this post, and get creative with letters!

Although I’m the host for the exhibition, Lucy will be fielding all enquiries and submissions at :


Do drop her a line to tell her you’ll be joining in.

9 thoughts on “a gentle reminder…

    • ‘Stuck in’ is what it takes. Best not to worry about it too much or you’ll never get started. Are you doing an abbreviated alphabet, or are you going for the full set? Here I am giving advice when my own ideas for the exhibition are all over the place. So many things buzzing round my head that I don’t know where to start. Dammit focus, Clive, focus!

      • Oh well glad it’s not just me then! Actually I am going to get started soon, no really, really – I need to choose my theme in the next few days, a few floating about including ‘green man’, ‘Rote Insel’ (red island) which is the district in Berlin where we have a home, ‘weather vanes’ or ‘weather’ as there seems to be rather a lot of it about, and start by doing the letters that spell out the theme – then, if that works out, go for the full set! Can’t wait to see what people make of this, such a cracking idea

  1. Hello Clive thanks for the reminder, I have tried a few times to link thru to Lucy, the link does not work for me, then I tried emailing her direct – but no reply- not sure what I am doing wrong.

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