le roi des lions

Finished the charger today. I accented with a touch of  cheer in the yellow of the crown and the falling leaves. This was an enjoyable distraction and I shall do more plates when I find  some old ones that I like.  Maybe not this design… I have other ideas I’d like to play with… but I’d certainly enjoy making a set that went together.

21 thoughts on “le roi des lions

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    • Ha ha! I know what you mean, Paul. I too remember that stamp on the eggs! However, I think an egg-cup might be pushing my rudimentary skills with these pens a little far. They’d not be the finest of tools to work with at an egg-cup scale. It’s not really apparent in the photograph, but the lion above has been made on a charger that’s quite large! But I’m getting some of the 1mm pens soon, and maybe they’ll be better for ‘lionising’ an egg-cup!!! (-;

  3. What a majestic beast Clive and what a fabulous idea. I’ve seen other artists who draw on vintage china like Esther Coombs but did not realise the means to do so was so accessible. I love the idea that there is no ‘baking’ or ‘firing’ involved, just air drying. What an interesting way to try out new ideas. What will you do if someone commissions a dinner service for 4……..?

  4. Very nice result Clive and again you amaze me. Now it’s pottery, yesterday the art of quilting. Where does this end? Like to make you aware of Esther Derkx, a Dutch (maybe Flamish?) designer who also primps up old, mostly hideous china. For her work, surf to http://www.estherx.nl
    Good luck with your new hobby 🙂

    • I guess that I’m always going to explore whatever means to make work falls within my reach. This is just a bit of an exploration for me, a chance to make some things we’ll enjoy using here at Ty Isaf. I’ll always be a painter first and foremost, but I’m a painter with a restless eye!

      I didn’t know Derkx’ work, but what I’ve seen of at the site you recommended seems interesting. There’s an artist who takes pretty china figurines of the ‘collectible’ variety, and then makes unspeakable interventions on them, like opening up the top of a head to expose the brain. Creepy. Can’t recall the name of the artist right now, but if it comes back to me, I’ll add a link here.

    • Nick, I wasn’t at all convinced when Pauline suggested I try them. But then she showed me a ‘first try’ plate done by one of the artists she’d approached, and it was evident the pens worked better than I’d thought they would. I decided to give it a go, and to draw onto old plates rather than new ones. It took until this week to find what I needed.

      The fact is that the pens take a little getting used to, and I hope to improve with practise. Let’s just say there’s definitely potential here. I think the plates by the three artists I posted about yesterday are evidence of how well the pens can work when handled with skill. I’m off now to order some finer ones.

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