thaliad is coming

Midori Snyder has posted a wonderful review of Thaliad at her blog, In the Labyrinth. The book will be out from Phoenicia Publishing in time for Christmas, so do take a look at what Midori has to say about it, just in case you want to tell Santa that you ‘d like a copy. (The piece below is an abbreviated version, so do go to In the Labyrinth for the full review.)

‘Marly Youmans’ The Thaliad offers a healing balm to the swath of nihilistic post-apocalyptic fiction for young adults. Told in free verse reminiscent of heroic epics (Homer meets Gerald Manley Hopkins),  and packed with fairy tale and mythic references, The Thaliad recounts the aftermath of a fiery apocalypse, and the perilous journey of a band of children led by a girl whose prophetic visions guide them to a sanctuary on the edge of a lake. Here, they confront the challenges of re-creating the world – a world illuminated by hope and love.

Youmans has given young adults a wondrous text filled with richly layered and evocative poetry. Like a bardic tale, it demands to be read aloud. The images of nature are sensual, fertile, a source of healing. Violence is hammered into fierce staccato rhythms and Thalia’s ecstatic visions soar with heat and light as the human spirit is consoled by the divine. We are not spared the hardships of the journey, but through the storyteller’s voice we have confidence in our destination—it is this commitment to the angels of our better nature in Youmans’ sublime poetry that gives Thaliad its power to inspire hope out of fear and love out of hate.’

Midori Snyder

4 thoughts on “thaliad is coming

  1. Just to clarify: we think Thaliad would be loved and appreciated by young adults, especially since the protagonists are of that age group, but like so many myths and epics from Homer to King Arthur to Tolkien, this is a book for adults AND for younger readers, all of whom will find different resonances within the story!

    • Yes, it never occurred to me that teens might have a special interest in it while I was writing it–in marketing terms, this is definitely an adult book that will work as a crossover for literary-minded younger people.

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