alphabet soup: mein deutsch märchen primer I

H ist für Hexe

The Alphabet Soup exhibition at the Artlog, curated by Lucy and Shellie, is scheduled for next month, and so I’ve had to get my skates on to be ready in time. My current obsession with Hansel and Gretel has paved the way for my contribution, and the above image shows the direction this project has taken for me. I fear I won’t have time to make my entire ‘Fairy Tale’ alphabet by November, but there will be enough of the letters to give a flavour of it in the online exhibition. (The plan is for each exhibitor to have produced five letters to show at the Artlog, and more if possible.) If you plan to take part be sure to lace up your skating boots too, because the clock is ticking. The submission details with links to the curators may be found HERE.

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