enamelware mugs for halloween hot chocolate

I completed another two gingerbread men mugs today, taking the count to three. (A last one to go to make the planned set of four.) Halloween is upon us, and this unfortunate gingerbread man has lost his head, though zombie-like, still he comes at us! On another mug an unfortunate has lost both arms to chomping teeth. Someone has been wreaking havoc in the Kingdom of Gingerbread!

Winging its way to me even as I type, is the Falcon enamelware coffee-pot that I’m going to use as the planned ‘chocolate-pot’ for this Hansel and Gretel project. (All the enamelware for the project has been by Falcon.) I chose a design with a triangular pourer, so that it will be easier to wash thoroughly than one with a serpentine spout. Once the set has been completed, it will go onto our kitchen shelves and be ready for occasional use. I hope friends… and their children… visiting us, will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

My design for the pot, though I may yet change it.

9 thoughts on “enamelware mugs for halloween hot chocolate

      • I now live for the first time in a neighborhood chock-a-block with rug rats , a suburban cul de sac; so yes we had plenty of little tykes. Unfortunately I was in class, left the duties to the mother-in-law.

  1. Oh what a fabulous chocolate pot! I think I need one of these! Great shape. I think the ‘something’ that has been having a nibble on these yummy gingerbreadmen is a possibly a very innocent looking little dog called Jack! Noooooo! 😉

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    • I’ve looked at his mouth and I see no tell-tale crumbs.

      Jack in all his years has only three times stolen food. Once when he was a puppy he climbed via a chair onto the kitchen table and licked the top of an apple crumble quite flat! A few years later he ate half a pound of butter that a friend of ours had put to soften on a plate in front of the wood-burning stove. (Hardly Jack’s fault, any food on the floor usually having been put there for him.) And finally, about five years ago, he ate a plate of fig-rolls that had been left out after some guests had been for tea. He and I fell out badly over that. Jack hates it on the extremely rare occasions when I get cross with him. Since the fig-roll incident he has never stolen food. I’d trust him with anything. Well, anything that wasn’t on the floor!

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