alphabet soup reminder

Lucy Kempton and Shellie Byatt have been reporting some wonderful submissions for the forthcoming Alphabet Soup Online Exhibition at the Artlog. The deadline is the end of this month. A few Artloggers who are very busy have called off, so this brief post is by way of an encouragement to any of you who believe, perhaps mistakenly, that time is too short to submit:

a) you don’t have to offer us a complete alphabet. Five letters (or more) are sufficient for the exhibition.

b) do consider a more simplified approach, such as a single-sheet alphabet of the type I found online and borrowed to illustrate my point. (See below.)

Bear in mind that occasionally simple works best, and you might discover that useful lessons can be learned from taking an approach allowing you to work faster. Just saying’!

You can find the submission and contact details HERE.

Single-sheet alphabet by Julien Poisson, a talented young graphic designer from Montreal.

10 thoughts on “alphabet soup reminder

  1. Please, don’t be put off if you can only do a couple of images…this really is a SOUP…lots of good things (big and little) mixed together to taste good!

    • Hello Liz. I love the retro feel of Julien Poisson’s alphabet of heads, and the fact that if you weren’t expecting them, the letters emerge only after staring at the image for a few moments. All very understated and elegantly achieved. The limited palette works a treat.

  2. I was thinking I might not have time to make something to submit if I was working on a number of pieces along the lines of ‘A is for…’ etc but I saw this post today and thought I’d have a go at an alphabet of some description inspired by the one featured in the post. I ended up playing with collage again and revisiting the medium of photography which I used to work with more but haven’t used for a while, so that made for enjoyable afternoon 😀

    • That all sounds very promising, Chloe. Glad that today’s post may have given you some ideas to reignite the possibility of you taking part. I’d love it if you were able to do so. Glad too that you had an enjoyable afternoon.

  3. Up late last night, election results and all, appropriately working on “O”-for Owls, but now for Obama as well! Yippee!
    Looking forward to seeing other entries, hoping those who have dropped reconsider and follow your suggestions.

      • The UK/Wales included was on our short list as well, although Montreal was the most likely destination-at least in our nihilistic fantasies. We can all exhale now.

        • In Montreal you would have been in the same city as Phoenicia Press, publishers of the forthcoming Thaliad! But no doubt you’re relieved not to be upping sticks and moving again so soon after your last.


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