Thaliad Is Icumen In

Words from Elizabeth Adams at Phoenicia Publishing on Marly Youmans’ Thaliad, launching on December 1st.

‘Clive, my brain feels awash in oak leaves, berried garlands, and village-scapes that capture the New England-y essence of places Marly and I have always called home, but are not at all Welsh — it’s a tribute to your artistic brilliance that you’ve been able to create a world and an emotional climate for Thaliad that is so perfect and evocative of both text, place, and the creative force itself — a major theme of the book. I’m sure that the readers will agree.’

5 thoughts on “Thaliad Is Icumen In

  1. Beautifully put by Elizabeth, what evocative images they are, they have real emotional depth. As you know Clive, I’ve been rather obsessed with collage recently and your work is such a powerful inspiration.
    I enjoyed The Foliate Head so much I can’t wait to get stuck in to Thaliad, Marly’s work is awesome, a fabulous collaboration

    • Phil, I think our mutual obsession makes us the Kings of Collage at the moment. And have you seen Lucy Kempton’s fabulous offerings for Alphabet Soup over at Box Elder? Not exactly collage, but a variety of ‘draw ‘n’ cut ‘n’ paste’ that is absolutely splendid, inspiring and covetable. Clearly we three are in thrall to the scissors and the glue-pot!

    • Yes, “Thaliad” is looking splendiferous! Clive and Beth are beloved co-conspirators. And thanks, Phil–glad you enjoyed the Clive-Marly-Andrew Wakelin collaboration in “The Foliate Head.”

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