what the new year brings…

Here at the Artlog I’ve been hinting for a while that plans are afoot for my involvement in a ‘theatre-arts’ based project. Yesterday came the good news that grant funding for the undertaking has been awarded by the Arts Council of Wales, and so it’s time for me to share with you what lies ahead in 2013.

A new music-theatre work has been commissioned by the Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra. The artistic director James Slater and I have been discussing the subject matter over the summer months, and now the main collaborators are in place. The creative team is made up of James and myself as producer and designer/director respectively, the composer Mark Bowden and the librettist Damian Walford Davis. A dramaturge has yet to be appointed. The genesis of  the project is unusual, inasmuch that the source material is not literary but visual, consisting of my 2000-2001 series of drawings known collectively as The Mare’s Tale. That’s about as much as I want to say at the moment. Production meetings begin in the new year. Watch this space for regular updates.

36 thoughts on “what the new year brings…

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  10. I echo what everyone has already said. It sounds like an ideal collaboration and I have no doubt it will go swimmingly. Looking forward to reading here about its progress and of course to attending the finale….whenever and wherever!

  11. What a wonderful way to extend and revisit this theme! I am positive you will make this amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do with this, as I love your Mare’s Tale…. the first time I visited your page and looked through your things I was incredibly taken by these.

    Oh, I’m thrilled to know this will happen! Congratulations!!!

  12. Oh Clive….how wonderfully wonderful!!! How could it not have got funding (even in these dire financial days) with your fabulous Mare’s Tale as inspiration? Massive congrats to the Arts Council in Wales for being so wise….god love ’em! Can’t wait to hear more…and see more. Love and everything xxx

  13. It’s going to be amazing. One of the things I love is how open and collaborative you are – working with poets and authors, encouraging other artists in puppet and book-making. You don’t much hit the image of artistic recluse in a white tower painting masterworks alone, but really seem to enjoy and be inspired by working with others. I hope that this partnership is a great one for you, in so many ways.

    so excited to see what comes – your Mari Lwyd works are so powerful. Can’t wait to see where they go.

  14. HUZZAH and Mazel Tov my darling dear!
    Trev’ would have been SO proud and maybe a little amazed.
    Can’t say I’m surprised though!
    Tee hee.
    Love as ever
    B xxxxxxx

  15. Those drawings have more drama in them than most theatre pieces, Clive! What an exciting project, with such excellent collaborators — I can’t wait to see it unfold!

  16. Aha!! Though you’ve been edging closer and closer back to theater, you are over the edge now! Bravo! I am certain that this new venture will marry the very best of both your professional worlds. Especially with such sterling collaborators with whom to work. Congratulations… and we await regular updates. xo AM

    • Well, Anita, I can see why you’re pleased, as for some time you have been chief among those regularly prodding me in the back, encouraging me to one day consider a ‘theatre’ project. I should explain that throughout the process of moving toward this collaboration, in my head I’ve been regarding it as more to do with my work as an artist, than to do with what I once was.

      During my years as a painter every time I’ve been questioned about whether I’d one day consider reacquainting myself with the inside of a rehearsal room, I’ve unfailingly replied ‘never again’. (You know this to be true, as I’ve said it to you over and over again!) I’m saying it still. As I see things, this is less a return to the theatre than a return to those Mari Lwyd drawings made over a decade ago.

      And you can wipe that smile off your face right now, cheeky minx!


      • STILL smiling! You know, Clive, I wouldn’t be so keen on this idea if I didn’t believe that many of your theater works from the past were so effing brilliant… and also, I hold my hope for you to experience a foray into the theater world which could be “redemptive” for you and the art form. Just sayin’….

        • Why, oh why should I ever imagine I could get in the last word in any conversation with you!

          Well, I know you write from the heart, and I thank you for that. We’ll battle this out at Ty Isaf when you visit next year!


  17. How wonderful to work on ‘your work’ again but in another format. This sounds very exciting and knowing how tight funding is makes it even more special. They must be expecting great things! Looking forward to reading and seeing how it unfolds Clive but 2013 already sounds like a busy year to prepare for.

    • Lesley, although I’ve known about this for some time, the good news about the grant funding has made what a short while ago was little more than a dream, into a project that must be got underway in short order. Hey ho, here we go!

  18. Wow brilliant news. Well done on getting funding too. An unusual project as you say but sounds really exciting. I expect you will have lots of local contacts but if my stitching skills can be of use from a distance do ask.

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