Alphabet Soup: Ballet, birds and alliteration, edible and other – Anita Mills, Eve Jones, Florence, and Lucy Kempton

This will be something of a bumper post, but if I’m to keep to the schedule and finish with a grand finale on Christmas Eve, needs must!


Anita Mills has created this very elegant, crisp ‘Balletphabet’, using, of course, ballet positions combined with the letters.







And she kept very tightly and effectively to the colour brief!


You may remember Eve Jones’ lovely, lively portraits of Jack at the Artlog back in August.  Eve jumped into the Alphabet Soup with enthusiasm, and came up with these six splendid avian drawings, making the letters part of the birds or their surroundings in a very inventive and original fashion.  We think the girl will go far in her art!

Eve's Pictures September 2012 - December 2012 169 avocet edited

Eve's Pictures September 2012 - December 2012 165 egret edited

flamingo edited

Eve's Pictures September 2012 - December 2012 170 goldcrest edited

Eve's Pictures September 2012 - December 2012 167 puffin edited

Eve's Pictures September 2012 - December 2012 166 swan edited


Another very promising young artist, clearly with a love of words to boot, is Florence, a friend of Shellie’s.  She heard about the exhibition and saw Shellie’s pieces for it, said ‘Ah, alliteration!’ , and though it was rather late in the day to submit, turned out these three pictures:


B – A Beautiful ballerina balanced beautifuly at the ballet show


F – Fluttering fairies frollicking across a flowery field


G – Giant giraffe gobbling and guzzling at bright green leaves

Though executed quickly, there is some delightful and witty detail in these pictures, which show a fine understanding of the spirit of the exhibition.  Thanks Florence!


With more alliteration, these are Lucy’s (my) contribution to the feast: an edible alphabet, line-drawings cut out and pasted onto coloured papers, which got around the problem, as I found it, of the colour element.  I managed six, and here I confess I was in fact finishing the last one today (curator’s perks, I reckon, to overshoot the deadline, though perhaps not by that much…).

edible alphabet 001

edible alphabet 004

 edible alphabet 002

edible alphabet 001

edible alphabet 003

edible alphabet 003

(I did in fact come up with ideas and word phrases for the whole alphabet, which I’ll try to post at my blog later…)


Thanks again for visiting this exhibition, many more good things still to come…

(Lucy Kempton, standing in for Clive.)


14 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: Ballet, birds and alliteration, edible and other – Anita Mills, Eve Jones, Florence, and Lucy Kempton

  1. i adore all of these! Love your edibles (look forward to seeing the rest), and Eve’s very clever birds and Florence’s delightful alliterations…and those elegant ballerinas with that gorgeous color.

  2. After reading everyone else’s comments it’s hard to say something that has not already been said! Every day brings more and more visual treats but seeing Eve and Florence taking part too just shows how inclusive a great idea can be. I think it’s the breadth of chosen ideas that just blows me away.

  3. I hadn’t had a chance to comment on this posting before the next one arrived, and I now am sure to run out of adjectives! Such variety and imagination and all such fun: Anita’s deftly elegant dancers, strong and poised-Eve’s are wonderful- especially the puffin and swan. Florence has the makings of a storyteller, and they are beautiful compositions; and Lucy’s excellent illustrations I love the kipper! I agree with Marly : a foody book : great idea.

  4. I was wondering if Anita would do something in ceramics… and she surprised me with lithesome ballerinas. Eve’s egret-comb as E was clever, and I like the swan reflection. Like Florence’s giraffe, too! Lucy ought to do a beautiful foodie book about her life in France; those would make wonderful illustrations.

  5. Kudos to all, happy Florence was able to add a few last minute entries, spontaneity, an attribute I need to develop!
    Eve’s birds are delightful, Puffin in particular, ver amusing.
    Anita certainly attained the elegant restraint that was desired, very lovely, captures her apparent love of dance.

    Lucy, I love these, conjures up fond memories of early 60’s and 70’s “crunchy” cookbooks, particularly Moosewood and such. Brings back fond memories of summers in Maine, with a trunk load of produce, a sunset turning pink and the optimism that our meal would be as convivial as the line drawings promised. Your work captures that happiness, thanks, and thank you and Shellie for putting this all together.

  6. Thanks all, and most of all thanks to everyone who has contributed – I’ve put links in where I can and strongly recommend people go and look at the artists’ own sites and blogs. And thanks to Clive and Shellie for helping me to have so much fun. Clive, I promise I won’t take up squatters’ rights!

  7. Superb…all of them! Lucy, I SO love the kippers one…it makes me giggle each time I see it! I agree with Chloe….they would be fabulous posters or cards – they’d sell like hot cakes. Our young artists have come up trumps too. Eve’s show much thought about letter shape and a sort of punning…hard to choose a favourite but I think it might be Avocet. Florence…my little 8 year old alliterative ally! I just adore the giraffe…he looks as if he’s stepped straight out of panto!! Thanks all three for super work 🙂

  8. It’s an exhibition full of surprises, inventiveness and enthusiasm – couldn’t ask for more. Every entry has unique delights. I’m so pleased to be included, thank you Lucy and Shellie and Clive!

  9. Lucy, I love your drawings, they look effortlessly beautiful, and The precision and poise of Anita’s ballerinas is so elegant. Eve’s Egret and Florence’s fairies are gloriously great

  10. Really enjoying this exhibition. I love the Puffin, such cheeky looking chappies. I agree with Chloe your own do look like they should be posters; and Anita’s set of dancers are very elegant.

  11. Lucy, this is so much fun to observe. You’re doing a magnificent curating job here at the Artlog. I’m so happy to have passed the keys to such an inspired housekeeper. Although I’d seen quite a few of the submissions before they came online, there are surprises aplenty too, such as Florence’s delightful ballerina, fairies and giraffe. And your own collaged edibles are gorgeous. Everybody is being so creative!

  12. the dancers are very elegant! and that e for egret is so very clever!!
    i got a kick out of your alliterative phrases, especially the beans and the kippers 😀
    congratulations to florence for her clever artistry as well.
    lovely post!!

  13. More lovely work! Anita’s are very elegant, Eve’s birds beautifully drawn and I particularly like Florence’s giraffe 🙂 Your contribution is really nicely done Lucy, they look like they should be posters or suchlike, very appealing 😀

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