Alphabet Soup: The Photographers – Lucy Hicks and Sally Wakelin

Some witty visual fun here for a Friday night.

Lucy Hicks,  daughte of Jacqui, turned out to be doing an alphabet project for her GCSE, which involved forming a letter from something beginning with that letter  (I’m sure there’s a name for this but can’t think what it is…).   She sent us these photos:



C P1010300


H P1010340


P P1010298


Q P1010323

(Superheroes flying) quickly (defying) quantum physics, ( well it’s) quaint…



S P1010287


Jacqui also sent us this photo of Lucy at work, which was too nice to pass up.



Quite coincidentally, Clive’s sister-in-law, Sally Wakelin, in a fairly impromptu fashion, embarked on some similar photos, tending to a theme of condiments:

ketchup Sally W


mustard Sally W




pepper Sally W


s-for-salt (Sally Wakelin)




I don’t know of I have a rather unsophisticated palate, but Ketchup and Mustard always make my mouth water, while Onion has a surprising, luminous calligraphic delicacy about it…


Have a good weekend!


9 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: The Photographers – Lucy Hicks and Sally Wakelin

  1. I’d had a preview of these and couldn’t wait to see them altogether! I am in love with Sally’s V for Vinegar….it makes my mouth pucker just to think of it!! And Lucy’s apples make me want to munch them immediately! I love all these ideas…so varied and free and dynamic …….and the photographs are excellent.

  2. Ditto to all of the above. More ingenious takes on the theme. Surely someone, somewhere, is going to suggest this should be an annual Christmas event…..?

  3. Once again: a delight! So clever, inventive and witty! Also, I didn’t have a chance to comment on Phil’s and Maggie’s, which I loved. They both submitted beautiful works. Bravo! They are all arriving so fast I am trailing behind, for I did not congratulate Chloe and Natalie, either, on their ingenuity and wit. Lucy, the curating is brilliant. All the works match so well with their fellow exhibits. Well done.

  4. Lucy says ‘thanks Phil that was fun to do as I am superhero mad, the rice was the hardest because it seemed to have a life of its own and kept moving’.

    I say – I have enjoyed seeing all the work so far but sadly for the soup we are jetting off to USA tomorrow very early for a well earned break so I may have to wait for the rest until I get back. I have decided to take my laptop but whether I shall be successful getting online is another thing. We shall see.
    Such inventiveness in all the exhibits, it is just amazing how much difference can come from a single topic. Brilliant. I loved the Island of Staffa Phil, you captured perfectly that rugged angular stone and the loneliness of the island.

    Bye for now – Merry Christmas all.

  5. Once again these are wonderfully inventive and different to anything else, the superheroes look great and onions never so strange and groovy looking. Beautifully photographed too, congrats Lucy and Sally

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