Alphabet Soup: And finally, Hansel and Gretel – Clive Hicks Jenkins

‘Tis the night before Christmas, and the final post of this open, on-line exhibition Alphabet Soup.  I can only say, and I think I can speak for Shellie too, that it has been immense fun and a great honour (or great fun and an immense honour) to curate it, thanks to everyone who has contributed, read and looked and commented, and thanks most of all to Clive for hosting, advising, occasionally stepping in and editing, and generally for being such a loyal, supportive, encouraging friend to such a wide array of other creative people, and for helping to nurture the friendships among them.

There is one post from Clive he has left it in my charge to put up here tomorrow, which I shall do before ever I open my Christmas stocking or put on the Brussels sprouts tomorrow morning.  Meanwhile what better way to end than with his own final images for his wonderful Hansel and Gretel primer:


  ist für Asche


 H ist für Haus aus Zucker


H ist für Hexe


 L ist für  Lebkuchen


 M ist für Muschi


V ist für Vogel (1)


V ist für Vogel (2)


The Picasa web album for the whole exhibition is here.  Enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone.


10 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: And finally, Hansel and Gretel – Clive Hicks Jenkins

  1. Have been away over the holiday period in Florida and out of contact with the internet so I have been champing at the bit to see the entries posted after we left the country. It’s been really interesting and I have enjoyed all the entries. As other have said how amazing that so many different ideas come from the on theme. A veritable kaleidescope. Well done to all and a happy 2013 to everyone.

  2. Marvelous…and so full of wonder, this and all the entries! Thank you so much for all of your heard work on this, Lucy…such a gift to us all!! xoxoxo

  3. I was really looking forward to this final one , knowing that it would be Clive’s . As Shellie says- the icing on the cake , they are wonderful. Vogel 2 is my favourite. Thanks to Clive, so generous in letting us share his space. And thanks to everyone, it was a great show! Happy Christmas to all!

  4. Well, Clive’s contribution is the icing on the cake! (or, seasonally speaking, the star on the tree…) Beautiful, fresh images….a perfect finish!

    I must publicly give my enormous thanks to Lucy for all her hard work in putting the show together. As I said elsewhere, I merely had the idea but Clive wisely chose Lucy to be the real brains behind things with her fabulous skills on the computer, her excellent eye and general all-round good-egg-ness! Floreat Lucy!

  5. After seeing the fabulous work everyone has contributed to Alphabet Soup I wish I had not been so timid and actually taken part. It has been a real treat and you have both curated this gem of an idea with great verve and enthusiasm. It seems only fitting that mine host should be saved till last. All the submissions have been wonderful. Well done to all concerned.

  6. Lucy, Shellie, I thought Alphabet Soup was going to be great and it’s surpassed my expectations, it’s been fab. Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this together . These images from Clive are fantastic, an inspiration as always. Have a great Christmas everybody
    Phil x

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