a time of gifts

Earlier this year the artist and illustrator Ed Kluz contacted me to ask about purchasing a piece of my work as a birthday gift for his partner, the curator and art historian Simon Martin. However after some discussion, we agreed instead on a like-for-like transaction. Ed selected an acrylic study of an unused illustration, Fallen Conquistador, made for the Old Stile Press 2009 edition of Peter Shaffer’s play Equus. Later I selected a collage he had made, Dean Terrace, Edinburgh, as my Christmas gift to Peter. This is one of  the most delightful perks I can think of as far as being an artist is concerned, the happy exchange of artworks between  those who admire each other. I’m relieved to report that both recipients loved their presents!

Ed’s Dean Terrace, Edinburgh, selected by me for Peter.

My Fallen Conquistador from Equus, selected by Ed for Simon.

Merry Christmas to you all!

12 thoughts on “a time of gifts

  1. Ever since I first saw his work a couple of years ago over at St Judes, I’ve loved the vibrant collages that Ed produces and think he is a talented young man. Now that I read that he wanted something by you Clive then I know that to be true! What a great way to collaborate, win:win for all and beautiful presents to boot.

  2. Merry Christmas, Clive! I hope Peter loved your choice… Not surprised that it was a collage, given the work of the past year. Love the brilliant sweep of buildings with that dynamic sky strewn with clouds “very like a whale.”

  3. I’ve long admired this grisaille painting of yours Clive, the strong composition and the way you get the tones to glow like that makes for a very powerful and poignant conquistador. One of the joys of the Artlog is all the other wonderful artists you introduce me to – Ed’s work is magical, I’ve so enjoyed discovering it, lucky Peter!

  4. Merry Christmas, dear Clive! I adore the painting you picked, and hope Peter was delighted. About to go off to Christmas dinner with friends: roast goose and all the trimmings. Sending you much love across the waves!

  5. That’s a lovely painting! The style is v. CH-J but not CH-J. I bet P was over the moon! Bonne Fêtes guys, wish we were there, much love L&G

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