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Arts Alive Wales is delighted to welcome Clive Hicks-Jenkins RCA to host a unique Masterclass in March 2013. The Masterclass is open to professional, practicing artists, working in any medium and at any stage of their career.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of the Green Man. Long ago, before I became a painter, I made foliate masks out of thin papier-mâché that I surfaced with metal leaf. Later I produced a series of works based on the medieval poem of Gawain and the Green Knight. In another series of paintings I explored the legend of Saint Kevin and the Blackbird, who was said to have held in his outstretched hand a hen bird in her nest while she incubated and hatched her eggs and then reared her young until fledged and flown. In the early paintings Kevin’s hand stretches out like the branch of a tree to hold the fragile cargo of life, and in the later ones, when the nest is empty, his skin becomes laced with the inky shadows of branches and leaves, as though stigmatised by foliage.

This year sees the publication of two poetry books with ‘foliate’ themes that I’ve illustrated, working through the medium of collage to make the images. Over the weekend of the Masterclass, participating artists will be encouraged to examine ‘green’ themes in literature and the visual arts, and then give expression to their ideas using various techniques, including collage, drawing, simple printmaking and paint.”

– Clive Hicks-Jenkins 2012

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March at Crickhowell.

10am – 4pm

£60 for the weekend, includes a materials allowance of up to £40.

Places are strictly limited to 8 artists only. TO APPLY:

Please contact Rebecca Spooner, Arts Development Manager, email: rebecca@artsalivewales.org.uk with the following –

  • A brief statement (no longer than 250 words)  describing your artistic practice and why you would like to take part in the Masterclass.
  • An up to date artistic CV (no longer than 2 sides of A4) including full contact details
  • A link to your website or up to 3 relevant digital images in JPG  format (no bigger than 600kb each)

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday 1st February. Selected artists will be informed by 8th Feb.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins has shown with the Martin Tinney Gallery since 1997. He was born in Newport in 1951 and currently lives in mid Wales. His work has been critically praised in The Independent, Modern Painters, Galleries and Art Review. Shelagh Hourahane, in Planet, has called him ‘an inspiring and masterly painter’, and Robert Macdonald described his Mari Lwyd sequence as ‘one of the most powerful series of paintings and drawings produced in Wales in recent times’. He is an Honorary Fellow of Aberystwyth School of Art and has been a guest tutor at the Royal College of Art. Hicks-Jenkins was winner of the Gulbenkian Welsh Art Prize in 1999 and a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales in 2002. He has had exhibitions at Christ Church Picture Gallery in Oxford, The Museum of Modern Art Wales, Newport Museum & Art Gallery and Brecknock Museum. A member of The Welsh Group and 56 Group Wales, he was elected a Royal Cambrian Academician in 2008. His illustrated edition of Peter Shaffer’s award-winning play Equus was published by The Old Stile Press in 2009. His paintings, prints and artists’ books are in numerous public collections and a major retrospective of his work was mounted by the National Library of Wales in 2011. In March 2012 his images for Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat will form a visual display to accompany a concert performance of the piece conducted by David Montgomery in Washington DC.

For more information about Clive’s work visit: www.hicks-jenkins.com


Above: Clive Hicks-Jenkins. The Greening of Gawain – 2012. Mixed media: acrylic paint, crayon and collage. The Martin Tinney Gallery. Below: Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Cover image for Thaliad by Marly Youmans, published by Phoenicia Publishing, Montreal – 2012. Mixed media: acrylic paint, crayon and collage. Martin Tinney Gallery.

13 thoughts on “a reminder

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  2. Pingback: arts alive fund-raising auction | Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog:

  3. I can’t imagine how I missed this last August…..I would certainly have bitten someone’s (anyone’s) arm off to be there! As it is I will be away elsewhere that weekend…darn it. And as well as a fabulous weekend experience, I do like Crickhowell too….my friend Catie and I stayed there recently – I loved that abandoned castle and there was a gorgeous 2nd hand bookshop…..oh….*sigh again* (have sighed elsewhere on the artlog this evening!)

    • Don’t beat yourself up. There will be other occasions.

      The Bear Hotel in Crickhowell is wonderful for those of us who travel with our pets. Dogs are welcome in the bar. Last time I was there with Jack the staff even brought him lunch!

      • Oh yes….every time we’ve gone there with a hound in tow the staff bring out a bowl of fresh roast chicken for them!! Apparently the elderly lady who owns The Bear is a dog-addict and this abundance is all down to her. Catie and I took Bungle with us….we could hardly get him past the door of the place to go elsewhere, he was so keen to nip in for some chicken! Nice veggie food for humans too.

  4. Have a lovely time, Clive–you are a well-spoken and amusing speaker, and you know how to be heartfelt too! I expect we will get to see some interesting pictures…

    I’ve been bad about keeping you up to date (company + sick kid) on “Thaliad.” We got sugar and nothing caustic from the Caustic Cover Critic (talked above art and text), hit the “Favorite Books of 2012” from “Books & Culture” (unusual for a poetry book), have lots of good comments and blog notes from authors, and just got a wonderful review from the Velveteen Rabbi. Clip: “The epic form is not an easy one, and in lesser hands this audacious project would have failed . . . but Marly makes it work. The subject matter, postapocalyptic survival, is grand enough to merit the form she’s chosen–and the children’s journey is told with deep sentiment but no cloying sentimentality. This is a beautiful and powerful book–worth owning, worth reading and rereading. I am so glad that it exists in the world and that I can turn to it, time and again, glorying in the language and the hope.”

    I’ve finally updated the review/comment clips here: http://thepalaceat2.blogspot.com/p/thaliad_7.html

    • Marly, never apologise for failing to keep me up to date. I’ve been a tardy correspondent myself. It’s been that busy time of the year, and we too have been hobbled with winter viruses that had us lying on sofas sneezing and wheezing and out-of-commission. All most dispiriting and unattractive.

      Wonderful praise for your marvellous book from Velveteen Rabbit. I’d concur heartily were it not for the fact that as your illustrator my views might be construed as partisan. We await a post from Tomcat in the Red Room. I sent a review copy before Christmas, though Tom warned that it would take him a little time to work his way down the pile to it. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

  5. I’m immediately struck by the amazing value of this weekend. I just know you will be someone who will challenge and support people at the same time Clive whilst recognising that all workshops are a two way street. When I look at the cost of other courses/workshops anywhere else this is a true opportunity to take advantage of your knowledge at a bargain price. I suspect you will be overrun….

    • Yes, I think the cost of the weekend is encouragingly modest, though for anyone from far away, there’s the added consideration of travel and accommodation. ‘Overrun’ sounds very nice, Lesley. But with an upper limit of only eight… and bearing in mind that the class was first announced last August… the fact that Arts Alive have issued another call for submissions probably indicates that the weekend is not yet fully subscribed. Fingers crossed for a final tally of eight. I think that would make for a convivial two days, with enough diverse creativity for the occasion to be engaging and spirited, and yet with ample opportunities for one-to-one discourse. Let’s hope.

  6. Oh I’m nostalgic for Crickhowell! Wish you could have done this workshop in September while I was there as I certainly would have wanted to come along. I’m sure it will be wonderful, Clive, and that you will inspire and challenge the participants. I hope you’ll be posting some examples of the work they will produce over that weekend.

    • Thank you Natalie. The Arts Alive gig was booked long ago, I think maybe even before your trip to Crickhowell last year. I shall certainly report back here on how it all goes.

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