james artimus owen on ‘thaliad’

Over at Marly Youman’s Thaliad page on Facebook, there has been handsome praise for the book from author/illustrator James Artimus Owen.

J A O: It (Thaliad) was one of the few books I’ve purchased in recent years that I think was executed flawlessly, in every way.

M Y: Oh James, thank you! That’s so, so lovely. I shall have to share that with Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Beth Adams. Collaboration with them is beautiful. I just hope it manages to keep moving out in the world.

J A O: It’s a high water-mark of what’s possible, Marly. It’s old-school book-crafter perfect.

M Y: Ah, that is so sweet to hear. Thank you. “Perfect” and “high-water-mark” are very satisfying words!

J A O: It’s all sincere. With that book you leapt from being one of my favourite writers to a game-changer. The literary sphere will have to catch up to what I and others have already seen – but there is no doubt it is a remarkable achievement.


Thaliad is available as a paperback or hardback, and may be purchased from the following sites.

Order from the Phoenicia Publishing online store

Order from Amazon.com

Order from Amazon.UK

Order from Amazon Europe

9 thoughts on “james artimus owen on ‘thaliad’

  1. I wonder if there has been a small spike in sales since you posted this entry Clive?!
    I bet I’m not the only person who ordered a copy pronto after seeing your post 🙂

    • You might well be right, though I wouldn’t have any way of knowing with sales made in the UK mainly through Amazon. Perhaps Beth at Phoenicia might know. Anyway, I’m touched that you felt moved to order a copy, and I should send you a copy of the bookplate that I made for the first fifty purchasers, though we have long since overshot that number. (I kept a few back for special purchasers!) E-mail me your address and Ill forward one!

      (See HERE for more about the bookplate.)

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