the mari rises

I never thought a time would come when I’d combine what I am today with what I once was. But in the chamber-orchestra work of The Mare’s Tale, I’m bringing all the old skills from my theatre years to newly-mint the theme that I first expressed in the Mari Lwyd drawings of over a decade ago, one of which is shown above.

Drawings are being re-configured and given new life as maquettes and puppets, as I’m inspired afresh by the music of Mark Bowden and the words of Damian Walford Davies.

Mari Lwyd puppets and maquettes strew my workplace. A sense of anticipation grows. The libretto is complete and now everything is in Mark’s hands. Rehearsals start the last week in August.

6 thoughts on “the mari rises

  1. Bloody marvellous post – stupendous drawing, theatre poster, maquettes, and a puppet, you’re spoiling us, it’s all looking fab

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