it’s been a long wait…

… but it’s out at last:

my cover for the new Penguin Classics Equus!


Available HERE.

Above: Maquette for Equus

Good timing in this year of puppets and horses!


To read more about my relationship with the play Equus, click HERE.

30 thoughts on “it’s been a long wait…

  1. Congratulations!! The cover is attracting the attention. It’s looking great! Just imagine how many people will hold the book in their hands and will get closer to you in a way…

    And they say that 2013 is the year of the Snake (according to Chinese zodiac)!:D

    • Ever since I was a kid I’ve adored the Penguin imprint, and our shelves are crowded with contemporary and vintage Penguin editions. I’m like a dog with two tails over having been selected to produce the Penguin cover for Equus.

  2. Dear Clive. It’s silent but enthusiastic John again!! I am thrilled that this is now available. I have your Study for Equus IV hanging in my apartment which brings me great joy on a daily basis.
    Best Wishes. John

    • John, I can’t tell you how good it makes an artist feel to be told that an artwork is lived with on a daily basis and brings pleasure into life. Thank you.

      I think the cover probably closes the circle as far as my association with Equus goes. It seems funny now to think that back when I worked in the theatre, my unfulfilled ambition was to direct a production of it. If anyone had told me then that one day I would not only produce images for the only illustrated edition of Equus, but also provide a cover for the Penguin Classics edition of the play, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have believed it.

  3. Brilliant news! What a nice surprise to find when you couldn’t sleep. My old copy rather dog-eared (no offence Jack) so I’m going to treat myself to a new one. I’m going shopping today with the children as they have been asking for new books so this is now on my list of must haves to put on order if its not on the shelves. The thrill of it being out and the work you are doing today will keep you buzzing. All exciting stuff!

    • Hmmmmm… so I clicked available here and ordered direct from Penguin and was so excited when the package arrived, only to find what they sent isn’t the image on their advert but a photo of some half naked youth and a horse.S’ok but tad disappointed. Going to ring them up and see if this is purely oversight and whether they’ll exchange. Will post update later.

      • OK, so the phone number for Penguin is:

        0870 607 7600

        A very nice woman said very sorry can’t guarantee what front you will get on the book we send out, even though the advertised one is Clive’s. It just depends what they have in the warehouse. Can’t guarantee when it will appear in the shops either, but did give me a freepost address to send the copy back. Does seem a bit daft to advertise the new cover then. If I order a blouse having seen it on the internet I do expect to get the one I saw, not something they decide to pull out of the warehouse. Oh well, if anyone spots Clive’s version in any bookshops, do let us all know!

  4. Wonderful Clive! How thrilling to see your work beside the famous Penguin! Good luck with the filming, these are exciting times!

  5. What a great feeling that must be Clive, even when your brains are scrambled. There is so much going on so pace yourself. With the Mare’s Tale gathering real momentum you might need a quiet room somewhere for a lie down! Besides, now that your extensive cv also says you’re a book jacket designer they might ask you to do that Sir Gawain cover….

  6. Well I’m not surprised you had trouble sleeping with all that going on today, it’s way too exciting and too many things to thnk about. I hope that getting up in the middle of the night and being rewarded with that news about the book helped you go back to bed and get some kip. The cover looks really handsome and different to previous covers, I love the human quality of this figure. Having lost my previous copy now I can get a new one now with your fabulous cover illustraion.
    Hope the animation goes well today, what a wonder project, looking forward to hearing about it.

    • You may not recall Phil, but I brought the Equus cover maquette to the workshop in Sketty where you and I first met. I recall you playing with it on the table!

      Yes, a long day today, and much to be done. Must run now.

    • and Phil do you remember our surprise at the size of Clive’s Equus and Soldier maquettes having only seen them on a computer screen we were in for a shock when Clive unwrapped them. Fabulous pieces of art – and we got to play with them!! Such a privilege. Thanks for the opportunity Clive.

    • Hi there Anita! We start filming the tests for the animation sequences here today (pop-up animation studio to be set up in the dining-room) so my mind is racing and I can’t sleep. Pete Telfer arriving, plus James Slater, Richard Edwards… to film for the documentary with his cameraman Jon… and my dear friend from way-back-when-I-was-a-fifteen-year-old-puppeteer at the Caricature Theatre, Ann, who is head puppeteer on the production.

      Must go back to bed and try to get some shut-eye or my brains will be scrambled!

    • Tee hee. This has made me very happy. I didn’t know it was out. (The picture editor approached me over a year ago!) But when I couldn’t sleep and came down to work at the computer, Peter had left the Penguin link on the screen! Yeee-hi!

  7. Oh Clive, you must be thrilled, how satisfying, an accomplishment both aesthetically and socially. Need to order my copy pronto. Congrats. LG

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