family likeness

The King

The Princess

Below: Sketches for the King.

He had long hair in the first sketch…

… but was shorn of his locks for the final version.

Below: oil pastel drawing in progress.

I love oil pastels and have used them a lot on this project. (They’re sticky and messy and come in vibrant colours, all of which I like!) I used coloured pencils for the maquettes…

… and oil pastels for the portraits and scenery.

Just four days to photography now, and so the pressure is on! This Soldier’s Tale project has really had me speeding!

9 thoughts on “family likeness

    • These are all from a big old box of oil pastels saved and stashed away over many years. The paper wrappers are so blackened with use… or have dropped off altogether… that there’s no saying what brand they are. Most of them I can’t even see the colours until I work them on a bit of scrap paper. But I can’t bring myself to purchase more until I’ve made inroads into this cache, and I can’t complain about the results, because I’m very happy with them. It seems that beyond getting very grubby, there’s been no deterioration in them, and they’re still very oily and workable, and also vibrant. At some point I’ll have to think about getting more, and at that time I’ll do some research into brands.

      I haven’t forgotten that you asked me to post images of the back of that Mari Lwyd maquette, but I’m a bit flat out at the moment!

  1. Love this king, he looks medieval (ish), ermine collared and wood pecker-nosed. Definitely family resemblance in profiles, daughter looks slightly mental however. I didn’t know there was a king character, is this becoming a movie?

  2. Will you get a break at that point Clive?

    I can imagine everyone willing you on to the finish line now the end is in sight!
    Have you got many more maquettes to make?!

    • Not any chance of a break, as I’m straight into puppet-making and set designing for The Mare’s Tale.

      The maquettes are all made, though there are lots of ‘extras’ to be done. I’ve an extensive list of props, and two large-scale backdrops along the lines of the ‘palace’. Hey ho!

    • He arrived very quickly. A few brief sketches and he was there. Just as well too, as I have no messin’ around time!

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