5 thoughts on “princess with tulips

  1. She’s such a great contrast to Joseph, whose character is so open and straightforward – she’s not so easy to read at all, oh no, what is she up to? beautifully done too, that garden is gorgeous. I’ve never used oil pastel before, the colour is fantastic. It looks like an intense time at the moment Clive, the results are fab

    • It tickles me that you’re watching this so closely Phil, and that you’re enjoying the process of me quarrying the visual presentation for The Soldier’s Tale. It’s been a lot of work and it all has to be finished by end-of-business today, as tomorrow Pete Telfer arrives with his lights and camera for us to set up our temporary animation-table in the dining-room. Tons still to finish, and so clearly I’ve taken this project a bit too close to the wire for comfort.

      Hey ho. It was ever thus with me and deadlines. I tend to set ambitious goals! Big ambitions always seem possible at any outset, but become mired with the day-to-day stuff that invariably eats into schedules. Drat, I always forget that day-to-day stuff!

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