animating The Soldier’s Tale: day 1

Well, my knees are pretty stiff after a day spent on them while labouring over the makeshift animation table I’ve set up on our dining-room floor here at Ty Isaf. Pete Telfer was behind the camera. We completed the opening title and credit  sequence, and got started on the first appearance by Joseph the Soldier.

The credit sequence is looking pretty good, but the scene with Joseph needs some close-up shots inserted, and perhaps also a bit of slowing down. But all in all not a bad day, and having got all the time-consuming animating of letters for the credit sequence out of the way, we should be able to speed up progress tomorrow. You can see a preview of what we achieved over at Culture Colony.

9 thoughts on “animating The Soldier’s Tale: day 1

  1. it’s fabulous!!! the blinking eye is such a wonderful, creepy touch, and i agree that the letters seem very musical. i really enjoyed the games you played with the words, especially the narrator, sliding along the tongue, and the ones for camera and editing. joseph’s spinning dance at the end was perfect!!

  2. Wow, a great day’s work, the way the letters move and their colouring is so musical. Joseph is as adorable as ever, even more so now, the way he moves about is very endearing

    • Thank you Phil. I like the way Joseph moves, but he’s a little manic right now, and I think I need to slow things down a bit or the sequences are going to be too jarring. A good start though.

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