the puppets of palermo

I have yet to visit Sicily, a country steeped in a history of puppetry. There are museums of puppetry in Palermo and Syracuse, and plays and operas from the ‘traditional’ repertoire are still given by families who have been puppet-makers and performers for generations. My friend Enza, who is from Sicily, took the photographs in this post. I think most of them are of exhibits at the puppet museum in Palermo. One day I hope to visit Sicily and experience all this for myself. But for now, my thanks to Enza for affording this glimpse of the wonderful tradition of Sicilian marionettes.

12 thoughts on “the puppets of palermo

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  3. Hi, Clive. We haven’t met but my friend ‘babylonbaroque’ sent me your Sicily puppet blog post. Perfect timing: I’m heading to Sicily on Friday (from San Francisco). I’ve heard of the puppets and want to attend a puppet play, if possible. Any chance your friend Enza would be interested in communicating with me directly?

    • Hello Nancy.

      My friend Enza lives here in the UK, and I’ve been trying to contact her myself over the past week, though to no avail. If by any chance she gets in touch with me in the next couple of days I’ll gladly put the two of you together. She may be able to advise you, even at a distance. To that end you’d better let me have an e-mail address. You can contact me from HERE.

      Lucky you, going to Sicily. Have a wonderful time. There’s a puppet museum at Syracuse too, if you can get there.


  4. How wonderful, a friend is traveling to Sicily next week, must share this with her! Fantastic beings.

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